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Hosting Tips

Hosting an exchange student is very much like hosting a relative.  There will be many things that you have in common and some that you do not.  For the time of the visit a visitor becomes a part of the family.  Help them get to know your family and its routines.

Financial Responsibilities

In general, the host family should treat the visitor as a member of the family when paying for normal family outings such as an occasional movie or pizza.


Host families are responsible for providing all meals, including bag lunches or money for school lunches if these are not provided by the school. It is part of the host school’s responsibility to ensure that lunch arrangements have been made for each participant.

Sleeping Arrangements

Host families are responsible for providing a bed in a bedroom for the visiting student. The bed can be in a bedroom with a host sibling of the same sex.

Here are a few resources to help you with hosting a Japanese exchange student.