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Takayama visitors and ISA host families are invited to record their experiences on the pages below.  Each pair or group of students will have a page to enter a photograph and a paragraph of introduction.  They may also add other images and photo albums as the visit goes on.

Invasive Species Service Learning Project

1.       Pitch idea to sister school- expand exchange beyond school and home stay experience

2.       Contact Botanical Center
- set up visit with naturalists and specialists
- decide on service components

3.       Pre- trip preparation with sister school
- sharing of websites Texas invasive species

4.       Pre-trip preparation host school
- set date
- transportation
- permission slips
- chaperones
- cameras, gloves

5.       Schedule
9 – depart
9:15 – 10 lecture/overview
10 – 11:30 work
11:30 – eat
time to explore the center
1:30 depart

6.       Trip Slideshow

7.       Post trip evaluations
anecdotal -   enjoyed the day

Extensions for the future:

Explore invasive species in Takayama
Develop pre- service learning

Develop post service assessment