2010 Trip

Things that I have never:

 eaten before   

 done before

 seen before


a shrimp burger
Chicken katsudan

 gone on a bike ride in Japan
watch TV in japanese
Sat in western style seating in a Japanese restaurant

 A Japanese Temple
so many small cars
a "konbini"

 Madison  natto
suki yaki with raw egg
at a rotating sushi bar
 bought clothes in Japan
learned a school! in 2 hours
put my hair in a top ponytail
 car seat doilies
suki yaki with raw eggs
Japanese school festival

Japanese cereal

 shopped in Japan
gone to a hot spring for feet
 car driving on the left side of the road
An anime in Japan on a Japanese TV
A Japanese futon
 Mikelty  bakes rice balls
sea food
Brocolli with mayonaise
 been afraid to use a toliet
been in a $692,000 Ferrari F50
been to a sushi conveyor belt restaurant
crashed a bike
played Japanese games

 Takayamna Festival Floats
stuff not locked up
pachinko machine, a $692,000 Ferrari F50
many guys in skirts

 Scott  so much salt; raw clam; chewy thing and crunching thing (not sure what they are)
Okonomiyaki and takoyaki
 eaten an egg with chopsticks; been in a 95 degree sanna
been in a $692,000 Ferrari F50
100 yen shop, danced on stage, met such a happy/nice/touchy pianist
 toilet buttons; toilet with a sink
a $692,000 Ferrari F50
Salad with raw beef
Japanese MTV where you can skip songs
 Robert  miso soup
japanese fruit
Japanese fried chicken
Cold fried squid

 School festival in Japan
make steak rice balls
buy from a convenience store
sit in a Japanese festival

 buddist temple
a very nice bus
Clear mountain tops
Crowded bus in Japan

 Tubes of mystery fish parts
choclate sandwich
Curry rice
Japanese ice cream from a vending machine

 got a fortune from from an exploding peach
eaten from a bento box
played a PS3
played bauzumekuri

 rice fields instead of lawns
shops on display by the pain
kitchens on two floors
Marro reenactment
 Jordan  Vegtable pancakes
pumkin pudding
Japanese spaghetti
A Japanese cake that says "welcome to lulu" and "wedding anniversary"
 been afraid to food
learned a school dance for a school festival
had lunch with little 4 year olds
seen a Japanese festival at school
 toilet buttons
eggs in so many meals
More food than I could eat
So many guys in skirts, dresses, and bikinis
 Camille  melon ice cream and melon soda
Cold ramen
 been to Japan
Played with little kids and played mario kart wii and sucked so bad
gone to a giant supermarket
 para para
A jumping frog toy
A Japanese news program
 Christa  manju
milk tea
Home-made tempura
 gone bowling upstairs
talked to a "kohai"
gone to a 100 yen shop
laughed around the dinner table with my host family
 A torii gate
squid @ the dinner table
The cutest little kids ever
Rushing water in the middle of a city
 Rina  ~vegtable like thing and danguri~
yaki soba~strawberry chocolate~
Japanese pot luck
~ vegtable yogurt~
danced with a whole homeroom class~sat on a heated toilet seat~
went to an english cram school

 ~really narrow roads
~santa clause shop~

So many little Japanese kids in one place


 ~egg and veggie hotdogs
~potato w/ mayo~ japanese raddish (daikon)

 ~gone to an arcade~
played mario party in japanese~gone to a japanese talent show~

 Tadami matts~a whole squid~japanese washing machine~
Japanese washing machine
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