Discussion Group

The club has established a discussion group using the Google groups facility. We hope that it facilitates communications among club members. We also hope it will facilitate communications with the club steering council.
You must become a member of the discussion group before you can post messages and after you become a member you can determine if and how you will receive indications about messages in the discussion group. Please observe the following guidelines when using the club discussion group.
Thanks and we look forward to talking with you there.
Click on the underlined link to open a window containing the home page of the Discussion Group.

IBM Tampa Bay Retiree Club Discussion Group Guidelines

The Discussion Group is intended to provide a forum for retirees to share information consistent with the Club's purpose.
The primary purpose of the IBM Tampa Bay Retiree Club is to provide opportunities for retired IBM employees to maintain relationships with others who shared their work experience, and to participate in activities which might enhance their retirement years. Other purposes are to provide ongoing information and education about the company which might be of interest to the members, and to facilitate retiree participation in IBM community service and volunteer activities in cooperation with the IBM Employee Volunteer Council. Active IBM employees will also be invited and encouraged to participate with retirees in appropriate Club activities.

Unacceptable Discussion Group Content
Content that would not be acceptable in the IBM workplace is unacceptable. Unacceptable content includes: company "bashing", ethnic slurs, personal insults, and obscenity. Posters are expected to show proper consideration for others' privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory, such as politics and religion. The Discussion Group is not to be used for marketing, advertising, or public relations.

Discussion Group Monitoring
Posters have sole responsibility for what they choose to post. They are responsible for monitoring their posts and for promptly deleting inappropriate material; however, the IBM Tampa Bay Retiree Club reserves the right to decide who can contribute to Club's Discussion Group and to take down inappropriate content, if necessary.

Good Posting Practices

Strive to add value and be interesting.

Write in the first person, be authentic and truthful. Use your real name not an alias.

Since discussion groups have wide distribution and can live on indefinitely, be careful in what you write, and think about how it will be perceived by others.

Be aware of what’s happening and know what others are saying about the topics, and reference and link to them as appropriate.

When updating existing content, indicate clearly when and how you have changed the content.

If you make an error while posting, acknowledge and promptly correct it. If you modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so