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Coming Events

Check back at the end of the summer to see the fall events. 

Medical Benefits Materials

You can find all the materials used for the Medical Benefits seminars from this year on the following page: Medical Benefits  for 2018 Seminar Materials. Please note this is the material for those enrolling for the year 2018. 


Important Technical Note

It has recently come to our attention that changes made by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 have made it difficult if not impossible to view .pdf files on the web using that browser. Below are a couple of different alternatives to deal with this problem created by Microsoft.

1. Download the document to your computer and then use Adobe Reader to view it and print it. The Adobe Reader is a free download from Adobe and can be found at this web site.

2. Switch to Google Chrome web browser. This web browser is free and still works fine with .pdf files. You can obtain it at this web site.

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We are sorry that this problem exists but the .pdf format is the most universal format existing today in the internet world and it is unfortunate that Microsoft has chosen in their latest releases to make it awkward for their customers to access this format. 



ITBRC web pictures

IBM 100 Year Anniversary

IBM has produced a 100 year anniversary video which traces 100 significant milestones in the company's history thru the years. It is a 13 minute video and is very interesting. Click on the following link to see the video and read more about the IBM celebration: IBM 100 Years.

Club Registration and Email Update

All Retiree Club communications  in the future will be by email only. The postal mailing dated February 11 is the last paper mailing. A copy of the mailing was also sent to those with valid email addresses in the Club's member database. If you did not receive the email, check if it went to your SPAM folder. If it didn't go to SPAM, then either we don't have your email address in the database or the one we have is invalid. If you did not receive the email and want to get retiree Club communications in the future, you need to provide a valid email address either using the Club Registration function on the home page or send the information to If you change your email address, make sure you provide the new address by one of these methods. You can also access any Club communications which is always current and posted on this website.