Teach Meet Tech London

An inspireNshare education fusion event in association with CCS LibrariesToshibaLMN and Vanix 
A unique event bringing together 70 students, teachers, IT people & the public to talk about Education & technology 
When ... Thursday 10th December 2015 11am - 2pm
Where ....Thornton Heath library 190 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7JB

CCS LibrariesToshiba Education, LMN and Vanix are supporting London Teach Meet Tech -  a free un-conference style meetup opportunity for teachers, technical people, students and managers from from schools, further education, adult education, universities, the public sector and anyone interested or involved with education to get together.

* 11am Coffee, Tea and Welcome

  Martin King
Teach Meet Tech Welcome
From Fission to Fusion


  Nigel Dias
Croydon Tech City
Presentation https://goo.gl/gt4grU

Miles Metcalf
" ICT Zero - The Pop-Up College"
  Adam Stewart (UK education manager, Google)
Google and Education
Video conference using Google Hangouts with Adam back
at Google HQ

James Kieft
"Flipping Free"
Free tools for curating and sharing flipped learning content

Presentation https://goo.gl/HeKHps

   Martin King
Presentation https://goo.gl/5X6qNF

Technology Education  Relevance  Risk OReward
Education in exponential times
 Andy Butcher Head of Education, Extreme Networks 
 In partnership with Vanix
 "Why adapt your network to meet the student expectations"

Presentation  https://goo.gl/9estEh
   Students from the College of North West London 
 presenting their view of education and technology

Presentation  https://www.emaze.com/@AFLOLFIC/x3lldd

  Open Mic
Your views

Some ideas

   Mince Pies & networking

The venue : Thornton Heath Childrens Library 
The Children's library is the base room for London teach Meet Tech
All the book cases are movable so we can create a nice bright, colourful and playful space for London teach Meet Tech

The area is self contained with its own kitchen toilets and If the weather is OK we can also use the gardens


Why People Came
"I am especially interested in hearing the views of students and teachers"
"Interested in up-skilling my knowledge of technology today"
"In the current difficult and anxious funding climate, I'd love to see good news stories and innovations"
"I would like to refresh my knowledge of the latest education technology"

What People Said
"I enjoyed the meet with its mix of useful and slightly revolutionary discussions"
"What a lovely place to meet - the Children's library"
"The space was perfect for the event, as it provided  the flexibility of layout with all its furniture being on wheels, we were based in the Children's library"
"A highlight was the amazing young people from CoNWL - real live students, real experience"
"An amazing kaleidoscope of roles, ages, backgrounds, interests"
"I liked the connection with Croydon Tech, the outside world and a sense of real purpose"
"A very informative meet, have a better idea on new technology available out there"
"Excellent opportunity to share information regarding Innovation that does not cost a lot"
"I was inspired by the work of Croydon Tech City and I hope to create a similar hub"
"Zero ICT, maybe hubs can pop up in environments where I am trying to attract new students - so I go to them rather than them come to a large college building
"A very interesting and illuminating day with loads of ideas that can be worked on"
"Overall it was a great event and the mix of different attendees from students, teacher and IT people led to some really interesting discussions"
"Very good and knowledgeable speakers"
"A very informative meet, I have a better idea on new technology available out there"
"it was a great event well organised, i really enjoyed being part of it, and thought mix participants added an extra dimension to the discussions"
"a very lively and interesting event"