inspireNshare Education & Technology Fusion 

Bringing together tech startups, students, teachers, IT people & the public to talk about Education & technology .

Unique meetup opportunities for startups, teachers, technical people, students and managers from from schools, further education, adult education, universities, the public sector and anyone interested or involved with technology and  education to get together.

What People Said

"This event did exactly what was promised - to Inspire and to Share. The energy and optimism in the room created by powerful, authoritative speakers, a responsive audience and caring, enabling facilitation, was the tonic needed to tackle today's challenges for education. Proof positive that the willingness to share overcomes organisational boundaries in the best interests of all learners."

"A perfect combination inspiring speakers, interesting subjects .. cannot recommend this event enough.. One of the most useful conferences I attended in the last year."

"For a few short hours I remembered how I felt about digital technology in the early 2000s - all the optimism, creativity and interest that a life in corporate design and eLearning admin can knock out of you. 

"I enjoyed the meet with its mix of useful and slightly revolutionary discussions"

"Excellent opportunity to share information regarding Innovation that does not cost a lot"

"A very interesting and illuminating day with loads of ideas that can be worked on"

"An amazing kaleidoscope of roles, ages, backgrounds, interests"

"A great event well organised, i really enjoyed being part of it, and thought mix participants added an extra dimension to the discussions"