Projects in Education

inspireNshare are passionate about peer learning and specialise in facilitating mutual co-created peer learning projects through sharing.

Our projects focus using free, open, easy technologies and social media.

 With our projects everyone is both a learner and a teacher.

Explore, experience and experiment.
Hands and heads on new technologies, methods and ideas with cheap, free, easy, open "Citizen tech".

New Dimensions Technology
We visit with "Citizen tech" 3D printing, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 

Thinglab One
Inspired by the Maker Movement to promote learning through doing and sharing.

Thinglab One - a true flip and peer learning environment where student "professors" show and teach staff and other students about new technologies and methods.

Thinglab is especially focused on the use of open, free and easy technologies

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Our student eAmbassador projects facilitate learning through teaching - our student eAmbassadors act as consultants and teachers to staff and fellow students.

“Martin Introduced the concept of an Eambassadors programme into my Foundation Learning department.  Soon we had students embracing the "flipped" teaching model in the classroom.  This empowered the learner to challenge how they wanted to learn.” Joanne Mitchell (Program Manager Foundation & Pre-Entry - EHWLC)

Thinglab One 3D design and print sessions for staff and students

eAmbassadors Chromium events for staff and students

eAmbassadors  "Going Google" events for staff and students