eAmbassadors Chromium (2014)

Our eAmbassadors learned, consulted and ran events on Chromium (the free open source version of Google Chrome) to extend the life of old computers and laptops

Learning events organised and run by our eAmbassadors to introduce Chromium to staff and students. - Images posted by eAmbassador Jann Paula Marie Gonzales

Our eAmbassadors talking about their project in video Conference with Oliver Madden from Google 

Visitor from Google
"Oliver Madden dropped by at our college in Hammersmith and talked to us about many things regarding Chrome, Chromium and EHWLC Cloud projects." Posted by eAmabassdor Clifford Tattersall 

"I am so excited about next week because we are going to try to give new life to old computers by putting Chrome OS. :)" ~ Posted by eAmbassador Aksshayan Alagaaiah

Installing Chromium OS
"We have recently installed Chromium OS into some old computers in the learning centre at Hammersmith Campus. We will be giving students and teachers the opportunity to try out and experience what it's like using Chromium OS". Posted by eAmbassador Clifford Tattersal