Inquirer Tech Hero Awards 2015

Shortlisted For “Best IT Worker”

Chris Shaw, IT director, Intel
Richard Godfrey, ICT, strategy, infrastructure and programme manager, Peterborough City Council
Hiten Vadukul, Enterprise Architect, Virgin Active
Craig Collins, Head of systems development, ICS Ops at Army HQ - Winner 
Julian Bond, Head of ICT, Hillarys Blinds
David Davies, CIO, Hargreaves Lansdown
Martin King, Head of IT Services, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College 

Best IT Worker Nomination

Martin King is Head of IT services at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College (EHWLC). With a background in social sciences, education and technology he is especially interested in the intersection of technology and culture and recognises the importance of multi-discipline approaches to change. 

Martin is a passionate facilitator of projects that explore the potential of new methods and technologies and has been developing an oblique approach to strategy that aims to inspire, facilitate and support holistic IT responses to a new environment where IT is easy, diverse, pervasive, personal, social and connected. 

Martin has been involved with a great many projects that promote mutual co-created learning, social learning, web working and personal technologies where he works. The project he is working with at the moment is the development of Thinglab One - a creative cultural and technology makerspace to facilitate peer learning and inspire people to “experiment, explore, innovate, create, communicate, Build and Do”.