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Nootropics are reported to being widely used in work and at school to help people be more focused.
 Which begs the question: do nootropics, smart drugs, enhance creative thinking?
 I joined Innovation Insurgent Jorge Barba and Ryan Michael Ballow (creator of the Nootropic "Cortex") at Game-Changer 
to talk some more about nootropics or so called "smart drugs"

Game-Changer Discussion
"In a world that worships creativity, but rewards efficiency, smart drugs may become more common than you think"
I joined Innovation Insurgent Jorge Barba at Game-Changer to talk about nootropics or so called "smart drugs"

Thursday 10th December
An inspireNshare Network Fusion event supported by CCS LibrariesToshibaLMN & Vanix

Tuesday 1st December/Hotel Russel/ London
Presentation "Cloud: What comes Net?"

Presentations for Warwickshire College Group - Monday 9th November

In association with Cultural Community Solutions inspireNshare  are running a free public workshop on new dimensions technology.
"Hands on Heads" on with 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality.

Why we have chosen the butterfly as our logo.
"For InspireNshare everyone and anyone can make a difference and with its association with transformation, creativity, potential, hope, lightness of being and freedom nothing symbolises our philosophy and purpose better than the butterfly and the butterfly effect - this is why we have chosen the butterfly as our logo."

inspireNshare's Virginia King launches our creative design & image tech service
 for exhibitions, marketing, business & life

#HEFE .... Hack Education For Everyone
inspireNshare launches The Free Education Blog

inspireNshare starts blogging - responds to the #Blimage challenge 

inspireNshare launches The Free Education Project

Recording teacher & practitioner voices talking about education and the free education tools they use

* To free our thinking about what education is and how we do it .

* To provide opportunities for people to inspire and share their free education stories, ideas, resources, tools and tips

"Martin is a passionate facilitator of projects that explore the potential of new methods and technologies and has been developing an oblique approach to strategy that aims to inspire, facilitate and support holistic IT responses to a new environment where IT is easy, diverse, pervasive, personal, social and connected."