The Butterfly FX .... why we chose the butterfly for our logo

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

This quote from Albert Einstein is at the heart of the inspireNshare philosophy.


People and organisations are at their best when they are inspired.


N is the most important part of the “equation” it is the connection between Inspire and share.

Superficially “N” is short for  “and” but more significantly it stands for Network in all its forms e.g. social, cultural and technological.

Networks are the means to “pass it on” and to inspire others through sharing our own inspiration.


It all starts with sharing .. with the motivation to “show and tell” others for mutual benefit.


* Developing the value of people in an increasingly automated future

inspireNshare aims to empower people through inspiration, networking and sharing. * inspireNshare promotes people centric, cultural, creative and holistic approaches with education, technology, business and life.