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Shortlisted for an Inquirer "Tech hero award in 2015" InsireNshare's Martin King offers inspiring and thought provoking education services on leading edge issues, trends and futures in IT and education.

"Martin King is one of the most innovative technology leaders I have ever come across in the educational sector. He is years ahead of how technology can be implemented to enhance teaching, learning and assessment and has led on exciting projects to empower staff and students involving Cloud and mobile solutions long before the educational world started embracing such solutions." ~ Yousef Fouda, Chief Technology Officer - Warwickshire College Group 

“In a nutshell Martin thinks outside of the box. He has a vision and foresight to see the directions that information technology should be taking in the education sector.” ~ Joanne Mitchell (Program Manager Foundation & Pre-Entry - EHWLC)

"Fantastic challenging presentation" ~ Geoff Rebbeck (comment on British Council learning event)

"The minibus was buzzing on the way back home" ~ Gail Campbell (comment on British Council learning event)

"Very thought provoking talk on diversity and technology" ~ Miles Metcalf (Comment from FOTE 2013)

"A very engaging presentation" ~ Whitehall media (Comment from Enterprise Cloud Computing Conference"

"This Martin King Guy rocks" ~ Tony Maloney (comment from FOTE 2011)