IT Projects

* Going Google (2014)
"Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College connects 21,000 students to the world with Google for Education"
On May the 19th 2014 Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College (EHWLC) completed its switch to Google Apps for staff and students

"Transforming the learning journey
After implementing the cloud strategy and cloud applications, the IT team found that the college’s staff and students use collaborative tools in increasingly inventive ways to transform their learning horizons" ~ Archana Venkatraman (Datacentre Editor - Computer Weekly)

Further information, media and reviews here

* First FE College to self fund a 1Gbps Internet connection  (June 2010)
"The college has already invested heavily in its infrastructure with a strategic plan to move towards an ‘open’ model with Google, a significant partner through the delivery of Google Apps and Googlemail, as well as the utilisation of other Open Source and web-based technologies" ~ Paul Wakefield (JANET)

InspireNshare's Martin King led the college's technical work on installing resilient and high capacity Internet connections to support the long term strategy of  increased use of the Net, the Web and the Cloud.

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* Leading edge large scale implementation of WiFi, Mobile & tablets (2005)
"The college is in the final stage of a three year programme, by the end of which all sites will be fully wireless. Portable devices such as tablet PCs, supported by the wireless network, are seen as a vital part of embedding e-learning into everyday practice" ~ JISC

“At any point in the building, anywhere I am, everything is instantly accessible to me. As a senior manager, it’s an invaluable tool.” John O’Shea, Division Manager 

Read the JISC Case study "Changing to a wireless world" -   Innovative Practice with e-Learning here

Technical integration for the Merger of Hammersmith & West London College and Ealing Tertiary College (2002)
Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College was formed in 2002 from the merger of Hammersmith & West London College and Ealing Tertiary College. InspireNshare's Martin King led the IT systems and services integration and  supported  the college's "Learner Centred Vision" 

"With effective use of ICT we will reach out to the widest possible range of learners, which enables success and progression for all" ~ John Stone (Principal EHWLC)

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* "Cruising on a super highway"  (March 1996)
With the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) Martin King designed the architecture and support structure that enabled six London FE colleges to connect at network level to the Internet. The support structure for this project became the JISC RSC (Regional Support Centre).

[Connecting to the Internet] "Hammersmith and West London College has already done so, clubbing together with six other FE institutions in the capital.  ~ Harvey McGavin (Times Education supplement)

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