Chapter 1 Project Report Introduction

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Krishna Medical Center, Lucknow (K. M. C.) is a prestigious hospital situated in the heart of Hazrat Ganj with a very large patient capacity. This number is increasing at a rapid pace with each passing day. The Management of the hospital is concerned with the increasing effort in keeping the records of the patients and recording their activities. The hospital also keeps the information of its employees. With an eye on the future, the Senior Management of ‘Krishna Medical Center, Lucknow (K. M. C.)’ has decided to shift to a computerized hospital Management and Information System, which may keep the records of its patients, employees, and medical tests. Besides, it may be able to efficiently handle the Patient Evaluation track and Patient feedbacks.

Its rich Medical Store serves to the purpose of the medicines of the patients who visit this hospital. The medical store currently is facing problems in maintaining its inventory and keeping its relations up-to-date with its suppliers. The Medical Store issues medicines to the patients and also receives the unused medicines in good condition from the patients to minimize wastage. With increasing number of patients this record keeping has become a burden and is no longer sustainable with the current manual system. It, therefore, badly needs an improved and efficient computerized system for maintaining its Inventory, Issue, and purchase activities.

The hospital treats both indoor patients and the outdoor patients. It has to maintain full information of the indoor patients as well as outdoor patients for the purpose of historical use. Doctors who serve to the hospital are the regular employees of the hospital; however, sometimes-external doctors are used to handle complicated cases. So the hospital needs to maintain its Doctors’ records separately along with the records of its other employees. All these operations are getting unmanageable day by day because of the stiff rise in data.

With an eye on the future, the Senior Management of ‘K. M. C.’ has decided to invest into a computerized Hospital Management & Information System which may keep the records of its patients, employees, medical store, doctors etc and may also be able to handle its complete Accounting. It is also desirable to maintain the activities of pathology lab, which is also run as a service in the hospital.