1. A Brief Biography of God

Written around 2001/2002. Amended in 2011:

(Includes a discussion
on why Shiva is the most appropriate name for God at the End of the cycle; roles played by God; How God gives Salvation, Liberation & Liberation-in-Life; Purification; Law of Karma; God's Helping Hand)


God is a self-luminous point of white incorporeal light and He lives in the Soul World. God is an Ocean of all virtues and powers. During yoga with Him, one can feel "Might" in God’s strength. God is completely pure and there are no vices within Him. God is so loving that those who practice this godly knowledge lose their fear for God (if they had been influenced by bhakti to fear God so that they do not continue committing sinful actions etc). Bhakti refers to all the methods through which human souls pray to God while asking God for help, things, wealth, health, protection, happiness, peace etc.


In my article, I often refer to the help which God gives us as God's Helping Hand. The help which God gives people in the Copper and Iron Ages is different from the help which God gives us during the Confluence Age. In the Copper and Iron Ages, the help is not given through a direct link; whereas in the Confluence Age, the help is through a direct link between God and the deity souls. This direct link is for transformation of the deity souls (from the ordinary state back into the divine state).

God plays various roles. In the Confluence Age, God uses special roles to help the deity souls. For example, God helps us like how a father, mother, teacher, guide etc would. God acts as our Father, Mother, Teacher, Guide etc in so many ways and instances, during this spiritual life. Through this, we are gently guided to attain victory. God is filled with knowledge of the truth. Thus, He is able to guide those who use this godly knowledge, based on the truth. God cannot get angry or unhappy. One can only experience His powerful virtues.


God has no physical form. He constantly remains incorporeal. God never takes birth in this corporeal world like how human souls do. People can use any name to call or refer to God. Shiva is an appropriate name because Shiva means a "Point of Light", "World Benefactor", "Seed of the Entire Creation" etc. God has been given various names, from the Copper Age onwards, based on His incorporeal form, the roles He play etc. God is the Father of all  souls and this is reflected through what He does for all human souls.


For half the Cycle of Time, during the Golden and Silver Ages, God rests in the Soul World. The divine people, who live on earth during those ages, have everything. They do not call out to God for help etc. Then, at the end of the Silver Age, when they loose their divine state and their divine world, human souls begin to call out to God for help. Thus, God's "resting time" comes to an end and He begins to help His children who are playing their roles in the corporeal world. From the Soul World, God continues to help His children, who are in the corporeal world, during the Copper Age and the Iron Age. Then, at the End of the Iron Age, when the light of all souls are on the verge of getting extinguished and when  souls will no longer be able to tolerate the vicious state of the corporeal world, God comes down into the corporeal world so as to help all His children. God uses the corporeal body of the one who He names Brahma. Through Brahma and others, God establishes the spiritual university called Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Through Brahma and others, God :


   1. gets the new heavenly world created,

   2. gets divine human beings created for the new heavenly world,

   3. helps all His children on earth so that they can tolerate the things that are happening during this time because of the wars etc,

   4. etc.


God continues to help those who do bhakti, even during this time. At the point when the heavenly new world is created, God begins to lead all souls back to the Soul World. God gets all souls purified before taking them back Home to the Soul World. Thus, He gets every soul purified and re-energised so that they can go back to the Soul World in a peaceful state and so that they can come into the corporeal world again in their pure powerful state. In this way, God re-creates pure powerful souls and He is our Father even in this sense. It is through the purification process that the souls are re-energised. Through the purification process, all the energies of the soul, which have become very weak, becomes spiritually powerful again.


God begins the purification process during the Confluence Age. During the Confluence Age, our vices and sinful accounts are burnt away when we have yoga with God. The more powerful our yoga, the more the vices and sinful accounts are burnt away. If our yoga is more powerful, we also experience greater happiness because of :


   1. an increased amount of God's vibrations within us,

   2. the increased amount of divine virtues and powers coming into an emerged state,

   3. the soul-conscious bodiless state,

   4. God’s blessings, protection, etc.


Thus, one does not feel any pain or discomfort when the vices and sinful accounts are removed from us. This is similar to how we are not able to experience pain when we are happy and when we are in the bodiless state. Further, the reason why we are going through the purification process now, in the Confluence Age, is because we are doing the most charitable act of helping God to re-create Heaven etc. Through our act, we enable souls to experience happiness. Thus, through the Law of Karma, we can only experience happiness through this purification process and not any pain etc. We also have God's help and blessings, during the Confluence Age, and so we experience happiness during the purification process. Almost all souls are not aware that the burning process is going on because of this. Souls, usually, only experience the effects of the purification. For example, when the vices and sinful accounts are burning through the power of yoga, one can feel like as if one is being set free / liberated. After the relevant vices or sinful accounts are burnt away, we feel as if we have already been set free / liberated from them. We will feel very light and happy. One can feel like as if a burden has been lifted off from us when one's sinful accounts have been burnt away.


When God purifies souls, before taking them back to the Soul World, the souls can experience pain as punishment for all their wrong doings. God is referred to as Dharmraj when souls experience pain as punishment during the purification process. God does not punish souls during the purification process. Souls experience punishment during the purification process because of the Law of Karma. All souls are subjected to the Law of Karma. Through the Law of Karma, souls have to settle all their sinful / karmic accounts. It is this settling process which is experienced as punishment. God has not come to punish us. He has come to help us. This is why He tells us that when it’s time to leave the corporeal body, we have to leave the body while remembering Him. When we do this, we will continue to experience His help and, thus, we will only continue to experience happiness. We will not experience any punishment when we leave the body.


Through the power of yoga with God, sinful accounts are being burnt away slowly now, in the Confluence Age. If the sinful accounts are completely burnt away now, we will not experience punishment at the End when we return back to the Soul World. Further, now (in the Confluence Age), we also have God's help to maintain a happy, pain-free state, which is the soul-conscious bodiless state while the sinful accounts are burnt away. So we only experience happiness and not pain. Our ability to experience happiness increases as we keep having yoga with God. Through this we also earn a multimillion-fold fortune for helping God to create the new heavenly world.


God is helping us to become complete so that we can become deities again when we come down into the corporeal world at the beginning of the next Cycle.


If we have the sanskaras / habit / trait of using anger (a vice), then these sanskaras (of using anger) will keep emerging unless we make effort :


   1. not to use those sanskaras, and

   2. to eliminate them through the power of yoga.


Sometimes there is an increased quantity of the vices within us because we had constantly been using them. This increased quantity would enable the vices to easily take control, during which time we, the souls, lose control unless we are victorious through attaining a powerful stage.


During the Confluence Age, some sinful accounts can even be settled through the corporeal body, while we have yoga with God. However, even during that time, we will not experience any pain or sorrow during the settling process because we will only be experiencing happiness due to our yoga with God. Settling through the corporeal body, while in yoga, teaches and trains us to continue our yoga with God despite what is happening to, and around, us. If we are not having yoga with God during the settling process, then, we might experience pain and sorrow during the settling process. God is not the reason why souls are experiencing punishment during the settling process in the Iron Age. They are experiencing pain, sorrow etc during that time because of the Law of Karma, i.e. we 'reap that which we have sowed'. We gave pain etc to others and so we experience the pain etc in return. They are settling it through the Law of Karma. Souls suffer for the bad karma, which they have done, while they are in the imperfect corporeal world. Suffering is associated to 'hell'. This imperfect corporeal world is also referred to as 'hell' due to the existence of the vices. Our behaviour can be / is devilish when we are under the influence of the vices. This devilish behaviour creates more and much worse karmic accounts to settle. Then, we begin to experience like as if we have fallen into the very depths of hell itself. It is also because of the settling process that we suffer ill health etc. Ill health etc can also make it seem like as if we are in hell. It does feel like as if we are in hell when we experience sorrow, pain etc because of the things that are happening to, and around, us. Human beings have used the word 'hell' to describe this terribly unbearable world and it can be hell for those who are not happy and peaceful. This impure world is experienced as hell because of the existence of :


   1. sorrow,

   2. diseases,

   3. wars,

   4. crimes,

   5. poverty,

   6. punishment,

   7. the vices,

   8. the existence of karmic accounts within the soul,

   9. the settling of karmic accounts,

  10. the imperfect state of matter,

  11. the imperfect state of souls,

  12. etc.


Human beings have associated anger, jealousy, lust etc with 'burning', 'heat' or with the feeling of being 'hot' etc. They have done this because one does feel like that when these vices are being used. The angrier one is, the hotter he feels. One would feel like as if he was burning. This feeling of 'being heated up' is also expressed through the body and we also experience that, at that time. When people, who have not received this godly knowledge, are heated up due to the existence of the vices, they utter phrases such as "I am going to burst" or "I have to release the steam from within me" etc. They feel and say such things because they are burning due to the existence of the vices. One never has these feelings during yoga with God. Even when one entertains the vices while trying to have yoga, one can feel like as if one is burning. This 'burning' feeling is not the purification process. Yoga with God makes us feel cool and light. This is similar to how one feels cool and light when one is happy. One cannot feel heated up when one is with God. The vices make us move one step away from God. Thus, we begin to feel the heat of the vices, if they have taken control. If we do not want this to happen, we have to help ourselves. This is similar to how a child has to use whatever his corporeal father gives him so that he can help himself and thus find happiness, wealth, health etc. Through constantly practicing what God tells us to do, in the Confluence Age, we will experience happiness now. We will also enjoy happiness, wealth, health etc when we come down into the corporeal world during the next Cycle.


At the End of each Cycle, God changes Hell (the imperfect corporeal world) into Heaven (the perfect corporeal world). God enables the present corporeal world to get transformed into the heavenly world. God also purifies all souls so that all the impurities from within the souls are removed. Through purifying all souls, God gives everyone liberation and salvation. He liberates everyone from the vices (which causes unbearable sorrow) and from the unbearable old corporeal world. Liberation is the state of being set free from :


   1. sorrow,

   2. the impurities within the soul,

   3. the weak state of the soul,

   4. the imperfect corporeal world,

   5. etc.


Liberation includes being set free from body-consciousness. At the End of the Cycle, God liberates us from all the vices, which had helped to put us into a severe body-conscious state (a state where we are entrapped by the corporeal body). When we are soul-conscious, we are not entrapped by the corporeal body in this way. God liberates all souls from the impurities and the souls attain the pure state. They go back to the Soul World as 'souls' who are in their pure state and they maintain this liberated state while they are in the Soul World. When the divine souls come down into the heavenly corporeal world, they maintain their liberated state even when they use corporeal bodies. They remain in the consciousness of being souls who are in their pure state (the soul conscious state) and they are said to be enjoying liberation-in-life. Since these human beings are soul-conscious and divine in nature, they will not be entrapped by the corporeal body like how people of the current world are. Since these human beings of the heavenly world, enjoy the divine state, they will not experience the vices. They will stay liberated of the vices and karmic accounts because God had helped them to become divine during the previous Confluence Age. The divine state of the soul, will not allow the creation of any karmic accounts. The divine state of the soul, will also prevent the usage and existence of any of the vices. Thus, the divine people of the heavenly world, are able to enjoy the pure state of the soul when they are in Heaven (the heavenly corporeal world). One cannot enjoy the pure liberated state without the usage of the corporeal body. Thus while the souls are in their pure liberated state while they are in the Soul World, they cannot experience / enjoy that state. It is only the human beings in  Heaven, who are able to experience / enjoy the liberated state when they experience liberation-in-life in  Heaven. During the liberated state, souls are in a peaceful state where there are no vices within them. The human beings in heaven, are able to enjoy this peaceful state when they experience liberation-in-life. Through having created the pure divine souls and  Heaven, God enabled souls to enjoy liberation-in-life and salvation in the new heavenly world.


Salvation is the state of having been saved from sin and its consequences. The consequences of sin can only be experienced in the corporeal world, through the Law of Karma. When we receive salvation, we are purified on Judgement Day and taken back to the Soul World. The deity souls also enjoy salvation in the corporeal world (in the Golden Age  and Silver Age). When souls have no karmic accounts to settle, they enjoy salvation on earth. Through the removal of karmic accounts from within the soul, at the End, just before going back to the Soul World, we are able to enjoy salvation when we come down into the corporeal world during the next Cycle. From the Copper Age onwards, we had committed numerous sins and we suffer the consequences of that through the Law of Karma. However, when God purifies us (during the Confluence Age and just before going back to the Soul World at the end of the Cycle), not only are the vices burnt away but the sinful accounts are also burnt away. All unsettled sinful accounts get burnt away instantaneously just before souls go back to the Soul World (unless the souls have completely got all their sinful accounts burnt away through the power of yoga during the Confluence Age). As a result of the removal of all sinful accounts from the soul, the soul is able to take birth / births during which he lives a very happy life since there is nothing to settle anymore (and since he is in a pure state). There is nothing to settle because God had removed all sinful accounts from within the soul at the end of the previous Cycle. It is because of the settling process that we begin to suffer through diseases, a defective body etc. If there is nothing to settle, then we will not experience all these sufferings. One can suffer a lot (like as if one is in hell itself ) when one has sinful accounts to settle. During the Confluence Age, we do not experience the purification process or the settling process as punishment because we are filled with God's powerful divine virtues and powers. God's powerful vibrations give us strength and we will only enjoy the divine virtues and powers at that time. So, we maintain a happy state during the purification process and during the settling process. While we have yoga with God, the purification process continues vigorously during the settling process but we are not aware of this. We only experience happiness during that time because of God's help. In fact, we are also experiencing this happiness through the Law of Karma. Through our transformation, we do the greatest charitable act of helping to transform the world etc. Thus, our act of transforming the self enables 5.6 billion souls to enjoy salvation when they come down into the corporeal world during the next Cycle. This is indeed a very, very great charitable act because we are not enabling just one or two souls to experience salvation. Since our act enables souls to experience happiness during salvation, we experience happiness in return. Thus, through the Law of Karma, we experience happiness in the Confluence Age and in Heaven. This is also one of the reasons why we experience happiness during the purification process.


Through the purification process, God salvages us from :


   1. the oppressive, sorrowful environment of the present corporeal world,

   2. the vices, and

   3. the process and effects of settling karmic accounts in this corporeal world, e.g. from diseases, sorrow etc


In fact, God salvages everyone from the above and He gives them a pure powerful state through which they can experience peace and a heavenly life-style. God salvages souls from the devilish world (which exists at the end of the Iron Age). He also salvages them from the imperfect corporeal world and from the imperfect state of the soul. True salvation can only be experienced during the perfect divine state in  Heaven. The world which the divine human beings live in is truly  Heaven because of its perfect state and because only happiness can be experienced there. The souls who come into the heavenly world are really fortunate to enjoy salvation in the new heavenly world. The divine human beings in Heaven enjoy true salvation. There are numerous wonderful things in Heaven, which only give the human beings happiness and thus enable them to really enjoy their salvation. For example, in Heaven, science only gives happiness. In the present world, it also gives sorrow though new souls, who are enjoying salvation, will not experience this or they will not experience it to a great extent (depending on whether they have already started committing sinful actions). Souls who first come down into this corporeal world, from the Copper Age onwards, enjoy salvation and live a heavenly life, even though they are not in  Heaven. These new souls are able to enjoy a satopradhan, heavenly life in this dreadful old world because God had purified them at the end of the last Cycle, before taking them back to the Soul World. These people are able to say, "Heaven is a place on earth" or "I am already in Heaven", even in this devilish old world where there is so much of misery, crimes, poverty etc because of what God had done at the end of the previous Cycle. They are able to experience a heavenly life while others experience this corporeal world as 'hell' because God came at the end of the previous Cycle to re-create  Heaven, as He is doing now again.


The divine beings of Heaven, can enjoy liberation-in-life while they enjoy salvation. They are aware that they are souls while they enjoy live on earth. All other souls maintain the liberated state while they are in the Soul World and then they enjoy salvation on earth. From the Copper Age onwards, human beings will find it hard to experience themselves as souls while they are living in this corporeal world. Souls who come down in their pure state, from the Copper Age onwards, are not powerful enough to enjoy the soul-conscious state when they enter a corporeal body in the corporeal world. Thus, they are not able to enjoy liberation-in-life on earth. However, they will not be experiencing any of the vices, since they are in their pure state, until they begin to use the vices. However, their ordinary state will enable the usage of the vices unlike the divine state, which will not enable the usage of the vices. For sometime, souls who come down into the corporeal world from the Copper Age onwards, will also not experience the settling process, after coming down into the corporeal world, because they have nothing to settle. They are able to enjoy all these because God had purified them before taking them back to the Soul World.


During the Confluence Age, God enables those who use this godly knowledge to enjoy the liberated state, which they will be in when they are in the Soul World and in  Heaven. God enables us to do this through the numerous blessings which He has given us, now, in the Confluence Age. Through the thought that we are the divine souls, who live in Heaven, we are able to enjoy that experience in the subtle regions. Through remembering that we are souls whose Home is the Soul World, we are able to enjoy that experience in the subtle regions. All this is happening through God's blessings now, in the Confluence Age.


God plays numerous different roles in the Confluence Age, e.g. Purifier, Liberator, Almighty Authority, Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, Ocean of all the Divine Virtues and Powers, Teacher, Guide, Father, Mother etc. During effort making, we can experience the numerous roles, which God plays. For example, we can experience Him as the Purifier when we experience increasing happiness while He purifies us (etc). We can experience God as an Ocean of Love when we experience the abundance of Love that is within Him or when we experience God's powerful vibrations of love flowing from Him to us (etc). If we are of the opinion that we have not experienced God in a specific role, then we should just keep seeing Him in that role while churning this godly knowledge and we will experience it. When we have such experiences, we should keep recollecting them and all the other experiences that we have had. This will enable us to improve our stage. Then, we might experience it again or God will enable us to have other experiences. When one has these experiences in respect of God's roles, the experience does not inform us as to which role we have experienced. If we contemplate on God's roles and on these experiences, we will be able to categorize the various experiences into the various roles even though the roles may overlap with each other. God's roles can be experienced from various different angles / aspects. Thus, it is quite refreshing to hear the experiences of others and to contemplate on what they have experienced. God will give us further experiences based on what we are contemplating on, though He may also give us an experience on a point even though we were not contemplating on that point. In this way, God, as our Teacher and Guide, gives us new things to contemplate on. Thus, we can experience God's Company even in this way.


God's job of bringing in the new Cycle finishes when the heavenly world is created and all souls are taken back to the Soul World. Then, God begins to take His rest again. After going back to the Soul World, souls begin to come down into the corporeal world again. During the first half of the Cycle (during the Golden Age and the Silver Age) the divine human beings, who live on this earth, do not need the help of God and so God continues His rest until the end of the Silver Age. Then, from the beginning of the Copper Age onwards, His children call out to Him for help and He begins to help His children as He had done before. This world drama continues identically again and again during every Cycle. God's role of helping His children, giving them liberation, salvation, peace, happiness etc also, thus, repeats identically during every Cycle. Everything happens in accordance to the world drama.


Om Shanti (This means, "I, the soul, am filled with only my original qualities which are peaceful in nature. Thus, I am the essence of peace". Like us, God is also peaceful but He is an Ocean in comparison. Thus, we will be able to experience His 'Might'.)


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