A. Being Prepared for the Future & Future Foreseen

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Alexander the Great & Iskandar Zulkarnain

When I had my corporeal birth in 1959, in Malaysia, I was named Parimalathevy. I had legally changed my name to Brahma Kumari Pari in 2002 because of my new spiritual birth through the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. My old name had been completely removed from my Malaysian Identity Card.The people working in the Malaysian identity card department were surprised that my old name was completely removed from my identity card. They told me that usually the sign @ will be placed after my new name and that my old name should come after that. I was told that the identity card department does not allow the old name to be removed from one's name. It is my view that my name was completely changed as it was because of my involvement with the godly mission of helping God to re-create the heavenly world. The change of name was an indication that I was in the process of beginning to play a special spiritual role. It indicated that I had already taken a spiritual birth to play this special role. It was to prepare me for my future roles.

Before I took my spiritual birth through the Brahma Kumaris in 1994, I had not known that I would be involved with this godly mission though there had been indications that I would be involved. I had not understood the indications before I became a student of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Once, when I was about 10 -12 years old, I was quietly sitting on the sofa, in the hall, while I was contemplating on something. As I was sitting there, I saw a scene involving my corporeal family members. Then, the very same scene took place again in the very same way. I asked my family members as to whether they had done the same thing 2 times and they told me that they had not. I contemplated on it for awhile and it became obvious to me that the real thing had only happened during the second time. The first occurrence of this scene was something which I had foreseen of what was about to happen. But it looked like the real thing itself. This experience had then encouraged me to read further into religious and psychic theories because I was eager to know how (and why) it had happened. Based on what I had read, I had experimented with various techniques on meditation, ESP, hatha yoga etc. I had read widely on psychic researches etc while doing so. But what was so fascinating about all these was that I was getting whatever I needed. It was as if God was making sure that I get whatever I needed to read etc. It was all coming my way. It is my view that even the experience of having seen my family members do the same thing two times must have been to get me interested in understanding it. It is now my view that it was a beginning point to prepare me for my future roles.  

Since I was reading widely, I had also begun to read into books relating to interacting with people etc. I developed the ability to entertain people. I had also learnt the art to learn and teach in a creative way. I enjoyed being creative and so these skills had developed to a great extent. I had also learnt the art of pulling people's attention towards what I was saying and doing. I became extroverted during the times when I was using all the theories that I had learnt in respect of interacting with people etc. At other times, I remained introverted.All this wide reading was also preparing me for the future. But at that time I did not know it. I could just see that God was guiding me and that everything I needed was just coming my way. The books which I read would just be there in front of me and I would happen to be looking at it. Or if I had a thought that I wanted a book on a specific knowledge, it would come my way without my having to go searching for it.

I had also read about the theories in respect of dreams and of how we could use them to give us information. I had experimented with those theories and I had requested for information (from the subconscious mind) in respect of what was going to happen in the future (especially where I was concerned). A series of similar dreams occurred, over a period of time. In the dreams, I would be busily picking all sorts of fruits and the fruits, which I had picked, would be overflowing in my apron etc. Other dreams would concern elephants.

In one dream, I saw myself surrounded by a lot of elephants which were running around all over the place around me. There were people dressed in white, all around me, but they were not scrutinizing the elephants to understand as to what they were doing. I was scrutinizing the elephants and I began to understand them and what they were doing.

In another dream, I was climbing up a steep mountain. On the peak of this mountain, the Hindu elephant-god Ganesha was seated (in yoga). As I was climbing up that mountain, steps were forming and I was climbing up without any trouble. As I was climbing up, I was dragging my younger corporeal brother up. The steps were not forming as he was trying to climb up and he was struggling to climb up. So I held onto his hand and I was dragging him up while saying, "We have to go up!". There was only the scenery of the sky behind that mountain. I only saw this very same scenery in real life after I had gone up "Baba's Rocks" in Mount Abu. The headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is situated in Mount Abu. When I had climbed up Baba's rock, the first thing that had come into my mind was this dream where I had seen a similar scene.

In another dream, I was plucking a lot of fruits when a lady, who was wearing a white sari, started telling me about 'pournami'. I asked her as to what pournami meant and she pointed to the full moon and told me that that was pournami. I woke up and saw my corporeal mother in the room. I asked my corporeal mother as to what pournami meant and she told me that it refers to the full moon or to the full moon day. I was contemplating on that when I slept off again. The dream continued and the lady in white continued to tell me a lot of things about the full moon. My apron was filled with the fruits that I had plucked. To understand dreams, we need to interpret them. I had interpreted the elephants to represent knowledge and I had interpreted the fruits to represent success. Thus, I had thought that the dreams were telling me that I would go for further studies and that I would be successful in life. However, I knew that there was more to those dreams and I was not able to understand them.

It was only after I had come to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University that I began to understand those dreams. It began to seem as if the dreams had informed me of what was going to happen after I came here.

In the dreams, the people who were wearing white represented those who practice this godly knowledge. Those who practice this godly knowledge wear white because it reminds them of purity.

God has told us, in the murlis of the Brahma Kumaris, that the full moon represents Brahma Baba. We are told that we have to become moons like Brahma Baba. The moon reflects the light of the sun. Similarly, we have to reflect the light of God into the world. The Brahma Kumaris uplifts the women and this may be why a woman in white was telling me about the full moon, in my dream. The story of the true Narayan is also supposed to be told on the full moon day. We receive that story through the murlis given by God during the Confluence Age. In the murlis, God has told us that we have to become like Brahma Baba, and this is what those who teach this godly knowledge tell everyone in the Brahma Kumaris. The ancient Hindu scripture story tells of how listeners of the "story of Narayan" turn into Narayan when they listen to the story on the full moon day. In the murlis, God tells us that we become the true Narayan through listening to the murli which teaches us how to become the true Narayan. God tells those who practice this godly knowledge that this story relates to what happens here in the Confluence Age. That story relates to how we became Narayan through listening to what God is teaching us here in the Confluence Age. So the full moon, in my dream, was actually reflecting all this.

The fruits which I was plucking was the fruits of success / victory. Practicing this godly knowledge enables us to attain victory. Then, we enjoy the fruits of our victory in the heavenly world. It has to be remembered that I was not eating the fruits, in my dreams; I was just plucking and collecting them. The greater my effort making now, the greater the spiritual strength which I accumulate. The greater our accumulation, the greater the happiness, wealth etc which we enjoy in Heaven, i.e. the fruits are greater. Through my effort-making, I accumulate the fruits of beings victorious. The plucking of fruits could also represent the understanding of this godly knowledge through being successful in my effort-making. Thus, the tree from which I was plucking the fruits from was the "tree of knowledge" and God is the seed of this tree. God gives us knowledge and He helps us to understand tis knowledge.

The elephants, in the dreams, represent this godly knowledge. The single elephant on the peak of the mountain represented Brahma Baba. God has told us, in the murlis of the Brahma Kumaris, that Brahma Baba is Ganesha. Brahma Baba has set the example of achieving the completely pure angelic state through using this godly knowledge and through yoga. The act of climbing up to the mountain peak represented how I am in the process of achieving the same as Brahma Baba did. The mountain, which Ganesha was sitting on, was "Baba's Rocks" in Mount Abu. Those who practice this godly knowledge love climbing up "Baba's Rocks" so that they can sit and meditate there. I was told that Brahma Baba would also take everyone there to meditate.

We get a fortune through trying to understand this godly knowledge. Every thought on this godly knowledge helps to build us and our fortune.

Apart from the dreams, even the astrologers who read my horoscope were saying things related to my lifestyle after I came into the Brahma Kumaris but none of us understood it at that time. Though there were a lot of indications, in my horoscope etc, of what was going to happen to me after I came to the Brahma Kumaris, I will only discuss a few here.

Some astrologers would say that I would die when I was in my early thirties and that I would definitely be dead by the time I was in my early-forties or mid-forties. Others would say that I would only die when I was about 88 years old or even later. I was introduced to the Brahma Kumaris in my thirties. BK knowledge says that we die a living death when we come into gyan. So, when the astrologers were saying that I would die in my thirties, they had merely foreseen my coming into the BK spiritual knowledge. I am fifty now (in 2009) and I am not dead. But when I was in my mid-forties, I did buy an apartment in Abu Road near the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in India. So it was as if I had taken a step that meant that I had died alive.

Those who read my horoscope would also say that I would settle abroad with my husband when I am in my early thirties and that I would definitely have settled abroad by the time I am in my mid-forties. I am still living in Malaysia. I have not settled abroad anywhere as yet. Though I have bought an apartment in Abu Road, India, opposite Shantivan (Brahma Kumaris), I have not settled there yet. I had actually gone to settle there in 2006, when I was about 47 years old. So my marriage to God had taken me to India so that I could settle down opposite the Brahma Kumaris in Abu Road. My marriage to a corporeal guy had not taken me to India. It was my marriage to God which had taken me there and which had made me buy an apartment there. So when the astrologers were saying that my marriage would take me abroad, it was just a reflection of my marriage to God taking me abroad.

Further, the astrologers told me that I was supposed to be very happily married. I was not 'happily married' when I was married to my ex-husband. However, I am happily married to God.

Further, where this spiritual life is concerned, I am dead as far as the old corporeal world and old life-style is concerned. Though I am still moving around in the old world, my consciousness is supposed to be in the subtle region now, i.e. I have settled abroad (in the subtle region) with God, my Husband. This means that I am now also a resident of Madhuban. Thus, I am dead and I have settled abroad with my Husband. One cannot be dead and settled abroad at the same time as the astrologers were suggesting. But it has happened through the BK knowledge.

The astrologers would also say that my husband would be very beautiful / handsome or that he would be the most handsome man on earth. The astrologers would say that he would belong to a race that is very different from that which exists on earth (or around us). Some would say that there would not be anyone like him on this earth. This description did not fit my ex-husband but it definitely fits the description of God who is my Husband now. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so, I had thought that my ex-husband was handsome; but there was nothing extraordinary about him. My corporeal ex-husband was also of the same race as me. Further, soon after getting married to my corporeal husband (now ex-husband), I already had the feeling that the marriage would not be successful. Actually, the husband whom the horoscope was referring to was definitely God Himself. The horoscope was relating how I would die a living death because I would be in a surrendered state after I receive this knowledge. I did receive this knowledge in my early thirties. I am married to God because I am practicing this godly knowledge. I am a resident of the subtle region because of my link to God. I am considered to be a foreigner in this corporeal world because I am a resident of the subtle region where God meets us. Thus, in this sense, it can be said that I have already gone abroad and have settled there. God is also incorporeal in nature and He is not like all the people on earth. God is also the most beautiful soul. There is no other soul who is more beautiful (or handsome) than Him. The astrologers would also say that my Husband would not be from earth, that he would be from somewhere else. I had wondered if I was going to marry an alien. But I didn't. I only married God through the practice of the BK knowledge. As a BK, I am married to God and I am Parvati, God's wife. So, I would say that I am married to an Alien in this sense.

God is not of this corporeal world. God resides in the Soul World. He has come into the corporeal world now and He is the most beautiful soul present here (when He is here). God does not belong to this world, which was what had been indicated in my horoscope when the astrologers were saying that my husband would not be like anyone on this earth and that He would be from somewhere else.

The astrologers would say that my marriage would be a love marriage. They would say that it definitely would not be an arranged marriage. My marriage to my ex-husband was an arranged one. However, my marriage to God is supposed to be a love marriage. On 26-11-94, the Brahma Kumaris in Malaysia had organised and held a public program called, “Freedom from Fear” where Dadi Janki had given a talk. From the minute I had listened to the talk and had participated in the red light meditation session there, I had fallen in love with it. This is equivalent to falling in love with God. In my horoscope, it was said that the guy who I will get married to will come looking for me. In the sakar murlis, God tells us that He comes looking for us and brings us into the BK knowledge. A guy who was working with me in a legal firm told me about the said public program and told me to go for it. I would say that God had made this guy give me the invitation for the public programme and had made him invite me for the program. I would take this act as the act which God had taken in His effort to get me to come for the Public Program. So the Guy (God) who I was supposed to marry had definitely come looking for me. I know that God loves me a lot too. It is the love between us which is continuing to keep me married to Him.