O. From September 2009 - Role for World Unity

I had started participating in the internet previously from around 2003. And I had stopped participating in the internet around 2004/2005. I am not sure as to the exact period when I was participating in the internet previously.

I came back to participate in the internet around September 2009 and I had got the Global BK Forum set up.

Then, I wanted to see if I could get information etc which will support the BK 5000 year cycle of time. Many people were questioning about this because evolution theories do not support it. So, I decided to see what information I could get to support the 5000 year cycle. Thus, I started doing searches in the internet.

I came across the Mayan calender for 5000 years and was making a search for further information about this. Through the searches, I got to know that there were ancient Red Indian prophesies which predicted unity by 2012. And I noticed that there were also modern day astrologers who were predicting that there would be some form of unity in 2012 and they were saying that it may begin in 2010 or 2011. I realised that people were waiting for world unity or some form of unity to take place because of the ancient prophesies and modern-day astrological predictions.

I am a Malaysian Ceylonese. I am not sure as to how it is in Sri Lanka; but previously the Malaysian Ceylonese were very dependent on astrology.

I was informed that if the astrologers predicted that the time was suitable for doing something, and you did that during the specified time period; then, the chances that you will succeed is high. If the astrologers predicted that you should not get involved in a certain kind of activity during a specific time period, then you should not get involved with that kind of activity during the specified time period. You might not achieve success if you did. Thus, I was taught to keep a look out for astrologically good times to do that which would succeed (based on astrological predictions).

Since I was introduced to the Brahma Kumaris, I stopped going to the astrologers. However, when I got to know that people were expecting unity to take place by 2012 based on ancient prophesies and modern-day astrological predictions, I decided to take advantage of it and do something towards unity.

God has said in the BK Murlis that BKs should not ask Him about the future. He says He has come to give spiritual knowledge so that we can transform the world through self transformation. So, He has said that if we wanted to know the future, then we should ask the astrologers.

Thus, I decided that what God was saying, in the BK sakar murlis, was suggesting that I can flow along with these prophesies and predictions for unity. I would say that there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of the ancient prophesies and modern-day astrological predictions which provide for some form of unity by 2012.

In fact, I would say that my corporeal birth and up-bringing, by my mother, had prepared me for this role of working towards world unity (through the influence of these astrological signs which favour unity). The World Drama was such that I had to take birth to my mother who was constantly seeing so many astrologers in an attempt to know what the best thing to do would be. Since I was a little girl, things which I needed would come my way without my searching for it. All these are helping me now while I am working towards world unity. Similarly, I would say that my corporeal birth and up-bringing by my corporeal mother is also helping me to work towards world unity. My mother would always say that we have to be broad-minded and be able to accept others into our clan and that we should not close our doors towards others (as per our normal Ceylonese customs where marriage was concerned).

Actually, the BK knowledge also says that there will be unity at the end of the cycle and that people world-wide will be able to accept some of the basic concepts used by the BKs. This too was influencing me to do something towards this goal since it has already been stated that it will happen. Senior BKs had informed us that when they had just started in the Brahma Kumaris, they were in a village and God had told them that one day they will be serving the world. They did not know how to believe it because they were just in a village. But it had happened and the Brahma Kumaris are serving world-wide now. There were also so many other things that had happened as informed by God. So, I began to think that if all these can happen, then the predictions that one day everyone will accept some of the BK knowledge, or concepts, will also happen.

Further, I was also seeing visions and having experiences that I was Draupadi in the present spiritual birth and that I had played the role of Vyasa during my past births in the Copper Age. From 1996, through visions and experiences while listening to the BK sakar murli, I knew that one of my spiritual roles was the role of Draupadi. But the BK sakar murli was saying that God plays the role of Vyasa. But around the beginning of 2010, I began to have experiences that I was Vyasa in past births. So, I was trying to understand these experiences through going beyond into the blissful stage. Based on my understanding, from experiences, I also began writing and making videos on

2012 Protection (During Destruction) and the Gathering for World Transformation

After having begun up-loading these videos into the internet, I was seeing visions and getting information explaining the 'alien' issues. And I decided to try to bring that into the 'unity' project as well.

Then, I wanted to find out what others were saying about aliens. I also wanted to see what they had to say to the things which I was writing about aliens. So, I got involved in forums where the alien issues etc were discussed.

Since I was young, people had told me that my ability to analyse was very good. In fact, even Letchu Bhai, the centerwasi in charge of all Malaysian BK centers had told me that my ability to analyse was good but that I had a tendency to act without thinking of the consequences first. He was a very intelligent yogi, holding a very responsible job in a Governmental Ministry, in Malaysia. But he does not do something until he was very very sure that the consequences would be OK. I take chances and just move as I am moved. So I have moved to participate in various Forums and with other Non-BKs. I have also moved forward to explain my visions and experiences.

I see myself as an instrument of God and so God will take care of everything. I will just have to flow along with His Guidance. This is why I am only beginning to speak now. I am being guided now because I am able to handle the situation and remain in control. From 1996 until the end of 2000, God kept telling me that He was waiting for me to become spiritually more powerful so that He can begin to use me. So I had kept making effort to remain in the divine soul-conscious stage. I think the time when God has begun using me is already here. One can only do what I am doing with God's help and assistance.

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