N. Change of Name

Previously, my name was Parimalathevy A/P S.Kandiah. In 2002, I got my name legally changed to Brahma Kumari Pari so as to make sure that it reminds me to keep making spiritual effort to go beyond. I had taken the decision to stop going regularly to the Brahma Kumaris. So, I wanted my name to make sure that I keep reminded to make spiritual effort as I was doing at the time when I was making the application for a change of name. I also felt that a change of name was appropriate since I was living a new spiritual life-style. This change of name has helped me to continue making spiritual effort even though I do not go to the centers daily anymore. The change in name has enabled me to continue making spiritual effort while I do not stay dependent on the power of the spiritual gathering within the BK centers.

When I was making the application, officers in the Identity Card Department were telling me that the department will always put the old name after the new name with the alias sign (@). I was told that this was to make sure that there are no complications as to my identity and to make sure that thieves do not change their names to get away from their crimes easily. So they were saying that there was no way that my old name will be removed from my name. However, my name was changed to the new name without the old name and without the @ sign attached at the end of it. Officers were shocked that my name got changed without the old name being included into the new name with the @ sign. I would say that God got the name changed like this because of my new spiritual role. I would say that it had got changed as per my role in the World Drama.



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