G. Benefits of Using Confluence Aged Spiritual Knowledge

I have changed so much after having come to the Brahma Kumaris. I used to be so body-conscious but now, I am so spiritual in nature. I have a greater spiritual strength now, and the vices are greatly under control and reduced. This is a great achievement. It is great to become victorious in this way. When I compare the state, which I was in previously, to the powerful state, which I am in now, I know that what I have received through the BK knowledge is more valuable than anything else on earth. It is said that when character is lost, everything is lost. This is true indeed. Now, my character has greatly improved and I do not depend on external matters for happiness. Before I came into the Brahma Kumaris, I was dependent on external situations for happiness and peace. I also used to laugh and joke (a lot) to keep myself entertained. Now, I do not laugh for happiness but I am happier than ever before.

I have received so many benefits through practising this godly knowledge. The practice of B.K. Raja Yoga has greatly increased my stability, strength, happiness etc. I had always wanted these qualities but no other study could give this to me. So this had greatly impressed me. I have a lot of control over myself now because I practice this godly knowledge.

This study also enabled me to understand the historical evidences, myths, legends, folk tales, scripture stories etc. God has explained the truth to us and based on what God has said, everything else could be understood.

Another benefit, which I received, was in being able to find something which I could work towards. Before I came here, I used to make statements such as, "It is not worth fighting for". However, now, I have found something which I really am willing to give up everything for. God has come to recreate the peaceful, divine world and I am in the process of helping Him to do so. It can be very intoxicating to think in this way.

Before I came to the Brahma Kumaris, I had been known as a person who had determination and who achieves. I had been said to be a lucky person. I am the luckiest person on earth because I have God and I am His helper. This is the greatest fortune that one can receive. If I compare the worldly achievements, which I have, to the spiritual achievements, which I have now, I would say that all those worldly achievements, which I have are nothing in comparison to my spiritual achievements now. The happiness, which we get through worldly achievements, is temporary and short-lived. We would have to keep doing something new to keep ourselves happy. However, through using this godly knowledge our happiness and strength is unlimited in nature and we no longer depend on external factors for happiness. Peace and happiness are within me and I have learnt how to keep those virtues in an emerged state at all times.

There is a difference between the divine virtues and the virtues in its ordinary state. The divine virtues are similar to that which is in God except that God is an ocean of all those divine virtues. The virtues in its ordinary state are inferior in quality and strength. It is a fortune to be able to enjoy the divine virtues and powers instead of the ordinary ones.

In 1996 / 1997, I sometimes used to feel like a snake who was safe because I was around God's neck. One of the reasons why I felt that way was probably because I felt safe because I was in God's hands. Indeed, after coming into the Confluence Age, we are looked after by God Himself. This had really got me attached to God and His godly knowledge. Despite the fact that I have weaknesses within me, God is there helping me. I was not considered as an important figure in this corporeal world, and yet God picked me up and He helped me to become happy and strong again. God is turning me into 'somebody' so spiritually good. I had never dreamt that such a thing could happen but it is happening now. It is a great fortune to be chosen and helped in this way.

Actually, to be helped, we have to help ourselves. We have to turn our minds to it as an initiation to get God's help. When I do something, I place all responsibilities on God. He will get it done and I am just an instrument. This enables me to stay 'light'. When I do this, I do not become overly concerned about my responsibilities and so I maintain my happiness. This Confluence Aged study helps souls to get rid of their depressive tendencies and it does not allow them to create depressive ones.

My experience is that if we want to enjoy the benefits of having received this godly knowledge, then we have to make effort to practice this Confluence Aged godly knowledge. We receive the benefits in this birth and in our future 21 births in the divine world and in the Confluence Age (at the end of th cycle).

According to the law of karma, the greater our charity, the greater the fortune which we receive in return. We cannot enjoy all the beautiful things that come with a divine life in Heaven, without making effort to remain in the soul-conscious state. Making effort to remain in the soul-conscious state enables us to do the greatest charity because:

  1. we help God to re-create a wonderful divine world on earth,

  2. we enable all souls to have liberation and to enjoy salvation in their next birth,

  3. our effort making enables all souls in the corporeal world to tolerate the unbearable state in which the world is in now

  4. etc.

Though we do experience the benefits of our effort making in this birth itself, the greatest benefit, which we will get from our entire effort making, is the re-creation of the heavenly world. No human soul can enjoy any benefit greater than this benefit (other than the benefit of enjoying God's company).

One of the best benefits, which we receive now, is that we get closer and closer to God when we continue making effort to remain soul-conscious. Purity enables us to get very close to God. In my opinion, receiving the link to God was the best gift, which I have received, as it helps me to have God's company and help. The most delightful benefit, which I have received now, is the ability to subtly see and converse with God who was, and still is, the source of my guidance etc. As far as I am concerned, in this birth, there cannot be any greater benefit than that of receiving God's company.