M. God's Guidance for My Legal Education & Legal Practice

(includes a discussion on how God and the World Drama Paved the Way for My Legal Education and Legal Practice)

In 1978/79, my friends asked me to study law with them, locally. I had told them that 'Law' would be the last thing I do on earth. At that time, I did not know any lawyer personally and, from the things that I had heard, I did not have a good opinion of lawyers.

In 1986, I decided to study accountancy because I loved studying and I loved maths. Friends started telling me that accountancy was very difficult to pass. They advised me to get my Law degree first because it was easier to pass. They told that if I studied Accountancy, after getting my Law degree, I would get exemptions in the accountancy course because of the Law Degree. They told me that people who have both, a law degree and an accountancy degree, would get paid better than accountants; and they would also get promoted to very high positions in companies because of the double degrees. So, I decided to get my Law degree first. Advise from people, with experiences in the field, was coming my way and I could not ignore it.

One day, I took a taxi to go to the college so that I could make inquiries for application. The taxi driver was studying for his Law Degree (while driving the taxi to support himself and his education). He gave me a lot of tips on how to easily study law to make sure that I pass it with very good marks within the 3 years (without failing any of the papers). I did it as he advised me and I got my legal degree within 3 years without having to repeat any paper. My marks were good and so I got an Honours Degree in Law through the University of London, U.K. (as an external student).

After, I got my law degree, I became a law lecturer and wanted to continue with just that because I was not interested in practicing Law as a lawyer. However, my husband (ex-husband now) was a doctor. Since he was practicing medicine in the hospitals as a doctor, he wanted me to go into legal practice so that I can present cases in courts etc like a proper lawyer should be doing. So, I went into legal practice.

Then, in 2002, I got my Master in Laws degree, as an external student, through the University of Wolverhampton, U.K.

Around 2005/2006, I had submitted a proposal to a university in New Delhi, India so as to do my Ph.D on "Emergency Powers and Human Rights". My proposal got accepted. But circumstances were such that I had to return to Malaysia in 2006. So, I could not do my Ph.D in New Delhi, India. Then, I began my doctorate in Indian Legal History (on the Manusmriti or Laws of Manu)

My legal education and legal practice is helping me with the explaining of the contents of the Sumerian Tablets because the contents of the Sumerian Tablets have been translated and the governments allow a copyright to be placed on translations. Many people are not sure of the copyright laws and so they dare not take risks. Since I have my legal education and legal practice, I have boldly stepped forward to use the translations in an effective manner so that I can play the role of the map-maker well. This was what the ancient people had wanted and what my past births had done bhakti for. And so, the legal education and legal practice is helping me to play my role very well now.

Since I was a little girl, I had always felt that whatever I needed was coming my way. I had always felt that my music education, psychic and spiritual development, teachers' training, legal education, legal practice and the Brahma Kumaris were all brought to me (coming my way). It felt like as if the way was paved for me to these. I never had the feeling that I had to go in search of these. It was as if I had to do it and so it was unfolding before me so that I can just pick it up and use it or acquire it. At that time, I would just do it, though I was not sure as to why I had to do it. It seemed easier to just do it and so I had just done it. But from the time I got introduced to the Brahma Kumaris until now, I have begun to understand why the way was paved for me to do these. It was to help me to play my roles well at the end.



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