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A bit About Me:

I've been doing electronics projects for longer than I can remember; first used a soldering-iron at 6y/o, built a "robot" at 8, a 640x400 graphic-LCD controller out of TTL chips in high school. Got my BSEE a few years back. Had a few paid-internships, started (and promptly left) a business with a friend, a decade-long apprenticeship for an artist, years of paid-research, worked on a FIRST robotics team as a mentor for two years, worked in IT for several years... (not in order).

I've since (and a bit during) been doing everything in my power to come to terms with and hopefully overcome, for lack of a better description, a mental disorder which affects nearly every aspect and minute of my life.

After two years of allowing my soldering-iron to cool, I finally heated up the ol' thing, and have had a hard time putting it down since. I'm also a firm believer in the world of Open Source/Open Hardware... So, until I can get this mental-issue figured-out, I guess (hopefully) the world gets to benefit from my unplanned "early retirement."

Enjoy! There're tons of projects to put up, so keep checking back. And hopefully this stuff will be useful to people!

My Methodology:

I tend to push undocumented limits, figuring out new ways to use everyday things...

(often things that have, through the progression of technology, been deemed by most as "garbage" that now sits unused in many people's closets/dumpsters).

I also tend to reinvent the wheel... I see something that intrigues me, browse the details briefly, then later (often several months), decide I've got to see whether I can do it.

DESPITE that: My work is heavily-derived from years of prior-experience in similar fields, and the majority of my code/hardware has been developed for quite some time, and is under constant-improvement. (see _commonCode).

The *vast majority* (easily 98%) of the code and hardware used in my projects is of my own design. (You'll see shout-outs to the original authors when this is not the case).

Project highlights:

    • Graphical LCDs -- e.g. drive a laptop display with little more than an 8bit microcontroller with 512bytes of RAM

    • SDRAM -- connect those command-signals back to the data-signals and "free-run" it!

    • Motion Control -- DC-motors with encoders... drawing-machines, CNC, etc.

    • "_commonCode" -- all the benefits of "shared libraries," except not limited to a specific architecture.

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