The Gil Story

Who is Gil Davis?

If you do a search on the net, you'll find he's a lawyer, a sports player of some sort, so there are so many of 'em that it's hard to separate one from the other.

Here are a few of my stats:

Birth Sign: Cancer

Height: 6' 2 3/4"

Build: Large

Sexual Preference: Hetro (actually a requirement)

Marital Status: Single (divorced in 1995)

Facebook Username: DukeCityMan (all lower case will work fine)

YouTube Username: Dukecityman

Favorite Music

I'm into late 50's, 60's, 70's and some 80's rock. Also appreciate some country from 50's to now, but know very little about it as compared to my favorite genre. I listen to Perry Como, Dean Martin, Andy Williams type music when the mood strikes, which is rare. Even like 40's swing music. As long as it has a good beat and is actual music, I'll probably like it. I like karaoke and have KJ'd events, as well as actually performing in them. Hey, what can I say.

Other Stuff

I do occasionally listen to the nighttime talk show, Coast to Coast AM, when I stay up late. If you haven't experienced that radio show, it's certainly a lot different from shows like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage. Discovered that I can sort of sing karaoke online and not break the Internet. I might just include a song or two on here that hopefully won't drive you away too quickly. The link is above.

Favorite foods: I love fruit. I like cantaloupe (musk melon), especially. Ripe apples, pears, citrus, tomatoes (yes, they're a fruit) are a real treat. I am an omnivore, so vegetarians, watch out! Tend to lean a bit toward fowl, but a good lean steak is not out of the question. I've eaten deer, goat, rabbit and several other types of meat that aren't normally in the American diet, as well as some other unusual foods that I can't remember right now. But since I'm currently on the Keto diet (lost 55 pounds as of 9-22-19 so far), most fruit is off the table as is bread and potatoes. Ah well, gotta do it somehow.

Least favorite and disliked foods: OLIVES!, many leafy greens except for collard, spinach, and dark leaf lettuce, butterscotch anything, caramel, most candy bars (most are too sweet or have caramel in them), oysters on the half-shell <ugh!>, beets, and there are probably more that I can't think of right now, but those are at the top of my list. I can watch a person eat those items and not get grossed out, though.

Gil's Extremely Abridged Work History

For most of my career, I've done sales in one form or another. 15 years at Radio Shack as either a sales rep, computer specialist, assistant manager, or manager, mostly in Phoenix, but also worked in San Diego and Denver. I've worked at places like 7-11, Circle K, and Stop 'n Go as anything from a sales clerk to a trainer for about 3 1/2 years of my life.

Freelance work for a print shop making resumes, doctoring photos, creating print ads (one of my clients was a local Southwestern Bell office in Rockingham, NC). Also made many professional looking newsletters for both the apartment complex in which I previously lived, and had a short stint as the president of a homeowner's group in Tempe, Arizona.

I worked part-time as a live DJ for a few years on and off. Also worked in a now-defunct radio station in the San Diego area part-time for just short of a year back in 1989 as a board op, but occasionally on-air. That was fun. At the same station, co-hosted a couple of radio shows. One was late-night weekend show called Wild Weekend, with my friend, Jay. The show featured oldies, oddies, and some of the silliest contests that we (mostly he) could devise. He ended up being the straight man, I was the comic relief. How about, "The Miss Wild Weekend Mid-Winter Bikini Contest. ON THE RADIO ??? A Mr. Ed impersonation contest with one male and one female winner? Yes, it was wild.

The other show was a short-lived radio program called Grassroots a Cajun and Celtic themed music program. Very professional sounding and well-written and likely good enough to be syndicated. Also did a few live remotes with Jay at the controls at the station and me at the remote location.

I went back to work full-time for Radio Shack, got into computers, mostly lost interest in the DJ thing, and concentrated on making money. I did occasional voice-overs and liners for radio and TV stations until 2010 when I starting doing karaoke videos on the Internet.

I managed to screw up my back in 1995 (the same year as my divorce from my second wife, also the year my mom died) and it took me out of my major source of income: Radio Shack. But, things like that happen and you have to make the most of it. I try always to be optimistic, however, and never think that my world is coming to an end in the face of disaster. I just look for ways out of situation. As was the case here.

And life goes on

From 2006 until 2015, I was a part-time on-call 2nd level ATM technician for a bit of extra income. Moving to Indiana made that all but impossible since most jobs are 2 hours or more away. Not worth the trip for me or them, unless they have nobody else. And it seems they have a company or someone that works with them in Ft. Wayne, the closest large city around. So, I just do my hobbies, help fix friend's computers, work around the house, and am getting back into volunteer work.


In the high school class of 1972, went to college in California for a short time in 1984 but I timed it way wrong and chose the wrong courses since I had a lot of business experience in my work history and much training. I wasn't supposed to know more about business and people management than the teacher, right? Not sure that I did, but what they were teaching was unrealistic and I disagreed with more of the college curriculum than I agreed with. I could have used the higher math now with the ham radio hobby. Instead, I have to learn it from a book. Like I wouldn't have needed to anyway, right? They don't usually teach antenna theory in college.

Former Relationships

My serious relationships didn't actually start until I was about 21. If I go way back to my first crush, it was when I was 14 and going to San Jacinto High School in San Jacinto, California. Diana Bynum. Yep, remember her well...or at least for the 2 years that I attended that school. Finally found her on Facebook. She got married in the early 80s and is married still. Good for her!

The first serious relationship I had was with my first wife, Lettie (she calls herself Windy now). Alas, we were divorced in 1979 after only two years of marriage because immaturity runs rampant in young people. But you can't tell them that. She blamed the failure on herself, and I blamed it on me. Seems to be somewhat backward, huh? What do you know, she's now living in Decatur, Indiana (where I am). And married to my friend, Ed. Looks like it's working out.

Kathy was my next "I do." Well, we did for about 10 years. She did have some problems staying together with me (she disappeared on 4 different occasions) and I finally said, "I can't anymore." Unfortunately, Kathy passed away in June of 2010, of natural causes at only 48 years old. It's so sad seeing people you know pass away, especially at such a young age.

My friend Joy was a match on eHarmony. Her pictures are on this site. Unfortunately I matched with the person who filled out her questionnaire. That was most likely her ex-husband. I don't swing that way and neither does he. But Joy and I have remained friends after meeting and her moving from Florida to Albuquerque in 2006 and now to Decatur, Indiana in late 2014.


I enjoy taking pictures and pretty much know what it takes to make a photo good. Keep it simple, give it depth, appropriate exposure, and a lot of luck. Most really good photographers have their cameras ready all the time waiting for that opportune moment. I really do take a lot of "vacation" photos and like close-ups the best. I've actually sold a pic or two, so that would label me, "professional," but it was so long ago that it shouldn't count. Heck, I even charged someone a hundred bucks to videotape their hard rock band (called at the time, "A-440") in 1981, so I'm even a professional filmmaker, or whatever. Definitely no Lucas or Spielberg, that's for sure!

Motorcycling is great fun. I owned a 1990 Honda Goldwing GL-1500 and had been a bike rider for many years. Sold it during the summer of 2014. Maintenance got to be a bit expensive and getting worse since it was getting a little long-in-the-tooth, so to speak. Will I buy another? Don't know for sure yet.

I can sort of make animals out of clay and a few really neat things by simply folding paper. I like to cook, but on a cooking reality show where they have home cooks come in and compete...I'd never make it. Don't like to clean up the mess very much. I fish on rare occasions if someone wants to go but I don't know much about cleaning fish. Camping? Yep, a tent, air mattress, an ice chest filled with pre-prepared breakfast foods (pancake batter, eggs, and stuff like that) over a camp stove. That's fun. And two other hobbies are a few web sites and my amateur radio hobby.


I am a political conservative, but not an extremist. Some would call me moderate, but definitely stray toward the conservative. Might even be considered a "Constitutionalist." Some people look down on me because I do support Trump. But not everything he does is great. Or maybe it is. I just don't trust what I hear on TV or the radio anymore. Could it be that he uses Twitter so the news media will pay attention? If so, it's working. My opinion? The news media shouldn't just automatically support the democrats, but tell both sides of a story. I find myself going away from major media so I can get the actual facts. Why should that be necessary?

Would I vote for a democrat for president? If they held the US and constitution to a high standard instead of always trying to find ways to bypass it or change it (yes, it CAN be changed), then absolutely. A lying and cheating politician (AHEM...Clinton/Bush...AHEM), not a chance!

Do you know the meaning of "Politics?" Poli (or Poly) means many, Tic(k)s are blood sucking parasites. Politics: "Many blood sucking parasites."

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Stay tuned.