Personal Websites

Gates of Dixie

A photo tour of New Orleans and the area. Lots of history, too! Created by Gil Davis & Jay Barrymore.

Neon Paradise

A unique photo tour of Las Vegas and the area with over five hundred photos! Unique! Hopefully he'll get the site up and running again.

Created by Jay Barrymore (I did contribute to the original site but not sure what it'll look like when it's back).

Jay Barrymore's Personal Website

I've known him since 1983 decided to finally put up a site. Top notch, too. I think you'll like it.

Created by Jay Barrymore.

Jay County Amateur Radio Club

Put together by Gil and contributions by many, this is the official website of the Jay County Amateur Radio Club (JCARC) in East Central Indiana. The moniker W9JCA comes from the call sign of one of the club's repeaters. You'll find lots of interesting articles about the hobby, what it costs to get into it, and even videos that will teach you what to know to pass your FCC license exam.