Obie Wan Kenobi

Obie T Cat - RIP

July, 2004 to about March, 2018

This was my cat, Obie.  Yes, the spelling in this page's header is deliberate since the Star Wars name is Obi.  Her original name was Kuzko by her original owners (Got her from Melinda M), but I thought Obie would be a cute name.  She was born in July, 2004, and I got her that December.  She'd turned into a pretty good cat.

Taken in the Christmas Holiday Season of 2006. I have photos of both her and Prowler together which I may post here sometime.

Obie in Sept 2015

September, 2015 showing Obie as the lazy cat that she was.  Not bad for an eleven year old kitty.  Still was just as vocal, probably even more so.  She sure complained a lot.

Dang, it's sure hard to have animals as pets. They don't outlive their owners. That could be a good thing, but when they're gone, it can be a painful experience. Such went it with Obie. Took her to the vet one day in early 2018 and got a diagnosis for cancer. She was already in the advanced stages and decided to have her put down. That's so hard to do and it hurt emotionally for quite some time. Replacing her after a while helped, but you know, it's hard to forget. She was almost 14.