The photo to the right was taken in Feb, 2020 at about a 70 pound weight loss. This was written on March 20, 2020 and even now I'm at 76 pounds lighter than when this all started on Feb 14, 2019.

Above pic was taken in July, 2019, but I'm even about 15 pounds lighter than that as of mid Sept, 2019. Can't tell a lot of difference, though. I'll post another when there's a marked difference.

Hi. I'm Gil Davis formerly from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and as of September, 2014, am now living in a mid-sized home in a semi-rural town about 20 miles southeast of Fort Wayne, Indiana. When I moved from Albuquerque, I promised to give this place a 5 year trial and if I didn't like it would relocate back to the Great American Southwest. As of October, 2020, it's been a bit over 6 years here and I still like the slower pace of rural life. Not so much the snow and sometimes high humidity, but there's a lot to be said about the "country life."

Have a look at the pics above. The one on the left (or first one) was taken back in late 2018, and the one on the right in mid 2019. About a 50 pound difference. Still have more to go as of this update in the first half of October, 2020 and seem to be somewhat stalled right now, but have lost a solid 90 pounds. Might have to go off the keto diet for a while to kick start things, but really, the main difference is that I'm staying away from bread and lots of fruit and fruit juice. I'll be adding a few extra veggies and cutting back on meat and fat for a while. It's generally cheaper and perhaps will start losing a bit more weight. I already feel much better than a year ago.

If you are here to get to know me better because of a link or if you've found my website address somewhere, then this may be a good place to do that. You'll find some of my friends that I've included here, but many more if you'd like to Visit my Facebook page by clicking here now.

You're also welcomed to view the 200 odd videos I have posted on YouTube. I like to do karaoke and have posted a bunch of those. I've made a couple lately but have been a slacker for the past couple of years because I've been working on W9JCA.COM and a generally weekly live stream of the Jay County Tuesday Evening Net, a nearby amateur radio club.

Here's an example of one of my recent karaoke videos. Click here to go to my channel.

Later all!


Last updated: October 8, 2020

Feel free to contact me at gdavis1954@gmail.com. Please use "gildavis.com" as a subject so I will find it amongst all of the spam. Thanks!