Steve Halatyn

The world lost Steve Halatyn on April 21, 2011 at age 55, and according to some, that was good for the world. And I knew some things that I had to share with his wife, Joyce (at the time) that weren't exactly flattering. Won't share those here, but the people who know, will know what I'm referring to.  

A few photos I had in my collection off of Facebook. On the right is Steve and Penny posted on July 31, 2009.

I met Steve in Denver, Colorado with his ex-wife, Joyce who now lives in Tucson, Arizona.  Steve and I used to do some comedy commercials which were eventually aired on KMJC in San Diego on Jay B. and my show called, "Wild Weekend" in 1989.

I met Steve in Denver in 1979, making him one of my most long-lived friendships.  Last time I actually saw him before his passing in 2011 was in 1982 when him, his wife, and me were roommates. After his bit of a...let's say... an inappropriate relationship, I decided to move to California. He did get married to his second wife, Kathy, then his last marriage to Penny.

When I first met him, Steve was basically unskilled, except he would sing and play guitar at coffee houses on occasion.  He went back to school and became a technician, and finally a radio tower installer among other things that made him very busy.

Rest in Peace, Steve.  Another "Silent Key" ham radio operator: KB5KDX and expired on 10/26/2020.

Steve wasn't always a good boy.  On the left is a photo I'm sure he wasn't too proud of (a mug shot), and on the right is a photo from nearly the last time I saw him in the early 80s.