Wanda S.

My friend, Wanda in a photo I took on June 1, 2010 while we were on a trip and met in New Orleans.  Wanda lives in the "Deep South" and if you talk to her, you'd know it.  I found it interesting that you could "cut on" something.  But folks do talk like that in the south. And she does like to take cruises on ocean liners. I think the Covid thing put a damper on it for now.

A few years ago she got remarried and apparently her husband is against her talking to any of the guys she knew while single, so she unfriended me on Facebook PIty...she's a great gal and I guess she didn't marry someone who's very self-assured.

Above is Wanda at the French Market in New Orleans.  The prices on the items were quite reasonable, in fact, she was amazed at the low price she saw on the Mardi Gras mask. Below, we were across the street from the French Market on the same date.