Melinda M. & Family

AKA Melinda P, B,V, and now M. I met Melinda when she was married to Jay B. I've known her since before she had any children. Now she's a grandma several times over. Makes me feel soooo old! Well, only 'cause you are. LOL. I have some old photos in my collection, but instead, here are some Facebook photos since they're a lot more recent. Not the latest, I'm sure, but memorable for them.

Here are Quintin and Mel at Disneyland. If you didn't recognize the characters, they're Bert and Mary Poppins. Taken Oct 13, 2018.

Here's hubby Erik teasing Makayla while on vacation in October, 2018 at Disneyland.

Not quite the perfect picture, but a 2018 photo of Makayla and Quintin. Amazing that Makayla looks so much like her mom.

And finally, a couple of photos of Mel's "children," though obviously adults now. Known 'em both since they were babies. And I actually babysat them once in a while.

Chauntel is on the left and Krystal on the right. From Facebook. Don't have any photos of their kids but they have a good collection of them on Facebook. At least I think Chauntel might. She has me blocked because she was at odds with her mom and didn't want me to relay any messages. I haven't for Krystal and still wouldn't for Chauntel if they asked me not to. But so be it. It would be great to get back in contact with Chauntel someday and see what's been happening in her life. Chauntel is learning to be a doctor and Krystal a schoolteacher. That's excellent!!!