Thomas Galarno 1830-1925

Thomas Galarno of Bay City, Michigan
(b1830 Canada)

by Michael Gallerno

He was a carpenter and seems to have immigrated to the USA sometime in 1856-1857; according to the 1900 census, 1910 census and 1920 census.

The first marriage to Lucy Petrimoulx must have been from about 1852-53. The first child, William, is born in 1853-54 in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I haven't located a document listing William, however I have found a Medard O Galarneau (born in Windsor) with the same parents which fits. The second born, Marie Lucie, is listed below and was born in Windsor in 1856.

Damase's (Thomas) first wife was Lucy (1870 census) who was living at the time of the census, but her son Henry was not yet born. (Henry) was married..... in 1889 at the age of 19. There may have been complications related to Henry's birth and this is why we lose track of her.

New information has been found that may lead to a divorce/separation from Lucy rather than her death...

The second marriage from 1874 to 1900 (for 26yrs as per the 1900 census) was to Ladae. The third marriage (at 72yrs of age) began in 1902 to Mary Willett. During his third marriage, he states his father as Benjamin and his mother as Lawse Turvin (maybe Rose Terrien taking into account the English interpretation of a heavy French accent).

Here is how I am linking Thomas to Damase Galerneau born in Lachanaie, St.Charles Parish of Assomption County, Quebec.

Thomas Galarno of Port Huron (b1830)...

Damase (born 14 March 1830 Lachenaie (near Montreal), Quebec). The name Damase is basically pronouced and sounds like "dumb ass" and Thomas is a close next best variation in English and French.


Thomas Galaneau was born in Montreal, March 14, 1830, and remained there until 1842. He then went to Pleasant Valley, N. Y., where he remained three years, being employed in the iron works. Was then two years in the same business in Clayton County; then for two years in the Baymond Hotel in Lewiston, N, Y. From there he went to Windsor, Canada, where he remained three years, and engaged in the manufacture of brick. In 1857 he moved to Bay City, and worked at the carpenter and joiners' trade. For the last twenty years he has worked as a millwright at different mills. For ten years he has been employed in McEwan Bros' mill as millwright. He was married December 9, 1852, to Miss Lucy Pretrirnon, of Lewiston, N. Y., and has five children.


Children of Thomas and Lucy

William (b1854),

Lucy (1856),

Sophia (1859),

Joseph (1862),

Henry (1870)

If this flows, this name evolution, would lead back to Benjamin Galarneau the ShoeMaker of St-Luc. Please fell free to punch holes...

First he is Windsor and baptised his child in Ontario's oldest RC church (l'Assomption of Sandwich)

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Then here is the death certificate of death of William Galarno (parents Thomas [close pronounciation to Damase without the teasing] and Lucie Petrimoulx. Also feel free to search the name Petrimoulx in St. Clair Michigan.

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Now with two previous marriages Thomas marries Mary Willet (Ouellette) and states the name of his father as Benjamin and Lawse Turvin (Rose Terrien)

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