Pierre Galarneau and Julie Cuillerier

This couple had 3 children before Pierre was killed in 1815 (probably during the War of 1812).  Julie Cuillerier remarries Michel Girard in 1816 and moved to the Sarnia - Port Huron area.
From marriage

The children born to Pierre Galarneau and Julie Cuillerier were
Louis (born in 1809),
Pierre (1811) and
Julie (1814).

From what I can see from many of the early census records, the boys located in the Sarnia/Port Huron area too.

The death of Pierre Galarneau in 1815 and the subsequent marriage of Julie Cuillerier to Michel Girard would most likely illiminate any link of this line of Galarneau to Benjamin Galerno of Essex.  The only exception might be if Julie Cuillerier gave birth to Benjamin and he chose to take the Galarneau name, forfeiting his Girard heritage.  Currently there is nothing to make me believe this so.

I looked at these marriages

St. Clair County, Michigan / Marriages 1838-1857 / Book 1

9 Oct 1839
Peter Galino, 28, Moore, Upper Canada
Elizabeth Frazer, 19, Moore, Upper Canada
Sidney Kenyon & Mon (?) Hopkins; Saul F. Hopkins, JP

26 Nov 1840
Agnes Parsons, 16, Moore, Upper Canada
Joseph Jnard, 20, Moore, Upper Canada
Lewis Galino & Julia Galino, both of Moore, Upper Canada; M., JP

I must admit this is a good find.  What I think you have found here is the offspring of Pierre Galarneau and Julie Cuillerier married in Amherstburg.
If Peter Galino is 28 in 1839 than he was born in 1811... the right year.  After Pierre Sr died, in 1816 his wife Julie Cuillerier remarried a Michel Girard from the St.Clair / Sarnia area.  This is why I am guessing Lewis (born Louis) and Julia are of this family too.  I am glad you found this as I have nothing for Julia after her birth.