Isaac Golorneau

This is Isaac is of of Jean Martin Galarneau and Pelagie Rencontre.
He moves to the Detroit area about 1850. Two of his children are born in Quebec (1843 & 1845), then a daughter is born in Michigan in 1852.
I found Isaac Guilinot and Sophie Valliere in the 1860 Michigan census. 


The other Isaac appears to be the son of Elias (b1818 in NY).  

However in the NY 1870 census I found and Isaac and Fabian (below) and in the 1870 Michigan census I have an Isaac who's trade is stonecutter (below).

In 1870
Isaac b1820 CAN------------married in 1841(see mesaieux)
Sophie Valliere b1819 CAN

(I am curious if there is more kids in the years between 1845 and 1852)

Isaac Jr b1843 Can
Adela b1845 Can
Maria A b1852 13oct MI
Marie Rose (Rosa) b1855 MI
Augustus b1858 MI
Josephine b1860 MI
Isaac Sr dies and is burried in Detroit on the 26th of oct 1887 at the age of 68 (below). He was born in Montreal to Jean Martin and Pelagie Rencontre (below).
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