Joseph Francis Galarneau (Frank Galerno) 1856-1899

Joseph Francis Galerneau aka Galerno was born in 1856 in Point aux Roches AKA Stoney Point...He Married Sophie Sauve,in Stoney  point and raised a family in Tilbury north.....In January of 1899 in came down with the flu "la grippe" and passed away leaving a young family and widow.....To date nobody knows were his body rests????
 Most of their children seem to have adapted the double (L) spelling for the last name, with the exception of William Galarneau who reverted to the french spelling.

Joseph James Galerno (1884- )
Minnie Gallerno (1885- )
Mary Violet Galerno (1886- )
John Edward Gallerno (1889-1994)
Alfred Gallerno (1893- )
Nellie Gallerno (1897- )
William J Galarneau (1899-1971)

Francois Galarneau - Death Certificate
On January the 8th 1899, we undersigned priests, have entered the body of Francois Galarneau, having died the day before at the age of forty-three years old, husband of Sophie Sauvé
Frank Galerno of Tilbury North died very suddenly january 7th leaving a widow and small family.

      Galarneau Joseph-Francis et Sophie Sauvé Marriage
On the 7th of January 1884 after the publication of three bans of marriage performed at the parish mass and not having discover any impediments, we the undersigned priests, have received the mutual consent of marriage and have given the nuptial benediction to Joseph Francis Galarneau son of age of Benjamin Galarneau and Elizabeth Strigle born in Florence and now resident of this parish in the first part and Sophie Sauvé, minor daughter of John Sauvé and Marie Souchereau born in St-Polycarpe and now resident of this parish in the second part.  In the presence of John Caza and Isaie Baune.


Wife of Joseph Francis Galarneau(Frank Galerno)in the middle front row(Sophie Sauve)
 Sophie Sauve later Sophie Galerno,then Voisard's obit.
       Joseph Francis Galarneau Babtist Record
This is a 1881 Census with Frank Gallerno living with the clark family at the age of 24 before he was married to Sophie Sauve.