Herbert John Gallerno

by Michael Gallerno

Michael is the great grandson
of Herbert Gallerno and is currently
living in Windsor, Ontario (2010)

I wish I could tell you a story about this man but I cannot. I never knew my great grand-father and information comes to me in small bits and pieces, mostly second hand and certainly without important details or in context.

Herbert Gallerno was born in Comber on April 5th, 1885 and was baptised a month later in Pointe-aux-Roches (Stoney Point), Ontario. The sponsors were Frank (his uncle Joseph Francis Galarneau 1856-1899) and Delphine Giroux (sic).

It would be interesting for most to know, that in our branch, the family name spelling changed (again) with him.  Originally the name was spelled GALARNEAU or GALERNEAU. With James and Benjamin (Herbert's father and grand-father) the name was spelled Galerno.  The GALERNEAU spelling, I suspect, was changed to Galerno as matter of convenience in fitting in with the English world, which probably happened for this line sometime between 1830 and 1861 (the census year for Galernos is SW Ontario). 
On Herbert's tombstone it reads Gallerno.  The double - L spelling was passed down to all of Herbert's five children (see obit for Nettie Viola for list of children; Earl is a point of confusion currently).  If you search the spelling of the family name in the generation previous to Herbert, you may find all variations.

The Nettie Viola obit available this link.

Herbert is buried in Wheatley/Leamington, Ontario



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Birth 1885
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