David Galarno 1808- after 1880

David Galarno

1808- 1880 unknown

by Jessica Louise Westphalen

Jessica is the great great great grand-daughter

of David Gallarno and is currently living in the US.

David Galarno was born in Nov 12,1808. Some research indicated his birth may have been in the US other information gives us Kent, Ontario.

In the book Romantic Kent by Victor Lauriston

p268, Pioneers of South Harwich

...Settlement was not rapid, even in the north end

of the township, despite the market for farm

products offered by the growing community

of Chatham. The area along McGregor's Creek

from Bridge End (or Kent Centre) to the

Howard-Harwich town line was not settled till

about 1837. Among the first to locate were

David Gallineau, James O'Keeffe, Edmund

Thatcher and Cyrus McCully, the latter settling

on lot 11, concession 13, Lake Erie Survey...

His wife, Margaret Slater was born Oct 6 1808, they were married March 2nd 1826 probably in Kent County. His uncle Peter Galarneau [must find source info] was an innkeeper in Harwich, Kent County Ontario. His parents were Joseph Gallarneau son of Joseph and Edith Gallarneau - [must find source info]

Galarneau/Galarno’s were living in Chatham Kent County area as early as 1832 (Mary Ann Galarno`s marriage) and as late as 1850 (as witnessed in US docs as time of immigration to US)


Eventually the names will be links to new page for the people...

  • George Gallarno born March 4,1827
  • Charles Gallarno born January 20, 1829
  • Gallarno child born 1831 & 1836
  • William Gallarno born abt 1834 and
  • Elizabeth Gallarno born in either 1831 or 1836.

Some details originate from Carol Talent the grand-daughter of William Galarno (b1834) listed above. Carol provided copies of some information (2 pages) from the old Galarno Bible. These are available in the documents box to the right.David Galarno's daughter may have married a Wood. The grand-daughter of this women provided this information

*Lot 12, Con.1 River Thames, Harwich Abstract index : Archives of Ontario Toronto Reel G5726 Vol.A in regards to transfer of the family property.

**Dates 1835 to 1862**

Hiram Slater to David Galarno:

David Galarno & wife to Ebenezer Redford