Welcome to the FSEconomy User Manual

How to Use This Operations Guide

FSEconomy can be very complex, with a steep learning curve. However, only a small portion of this user manual is 'need to know'. The rest can be learned as you progress through your virtual career as an FSE pilot. FSE was designed to be simple for simulator pilots who only want to fly once in a while but complex enough to be immersive for members who want more.

The Absolute Basics

If you read nothing else before jumping in, at least look at the "Getting Started" page. This page covers everything you will encounter when you first join FSE in just a few simple paragraphs.

A Little More Detail

Each paragraph on the "Getting Started" page is expanded upon in it's own page, dedicated to that section. These sections are listed as sub-pages under the "Getting Started" menu item. These sections of the User Manual cover all of the aspects of FSE from a new-user point of view. It is recommended that you read through these sections before you start using FSE as they contain everything you need to know for trouble-free game operation. As you get a feel for the FSE environment, be sure to revisit these pages to increase your knowledge and understanding.

Advanced Topics

Below the "Getting Started" topics are additional topics that you can explore as you become more familiar with the game. Topics such as owning your own plane, operating an FBO, or forming business ventures with other players are not necessarily topics that you need to be familiar with when you first start with FSE.

If there is anything that is unclear, be sure to visit our FSE Communities Forum. FSE has thousands of members that can help answer just about anything.


Note: Throughout the FSE Operations Guide you can find tips and notes (exactly like this one) which are designed to help you navigate your way through the game. Please read notes carefully!

What is FSEconomy?

FSEconomy is a multi-player "persistent world" add-on for flight simulators, with an economical focus. It is "persistent" in that the aspects of the game - the aircraft location and fuel levels, etc. - are controlled by the players. Other players see changes in these items within the "game world". Your player avatar is the only thing that is not persistent - you can start from anywhere in the world at any time, and start from anywhere else in the world the next time.

Virtual Airlines

FSEconomy is, itself, not a Virtual Airline. There is no schedule, there are no "levels", there are no requirements to start from the bottom and work your way up. However, some VAs do use the FSEconomy system to operate their VA.

Game Style

FSEconomy strives to be a framework within which players can decide what FSE is to them... their "style of play" is the phrase frequently used. It is an open-ended platform, allowing each member to tailor their experience to their individual liking. Some members choose to use FSEconomy completely on their own; others choose to work with a few other players; and still others choose to join one or more communities made up of dozens of other players.


The basic concept of FSEconomy is that players use their flight simulator to move virtual passengers or cargo within the Game World. Players can own their own aircraft, or rent them from other players or from "the system". Players must be aware of their aircraft's capabilities and fuel levels so that they can carry the cargo selected, or to not become stranded at an airport without fuel. There are many expenses associated with every flight - rental charges, fuel costs, etc.; as well as income from the virtual passengers or cargo. The goal is to make more income than associated operating expenses.