Revision of parish record "Stadt- und Amtskirche Wolfstein"

A revision of the parish record of the "Stadt- und Amtskirche Wolfstein" by Heinrich Herzog from Kaiserslautern 1994. He worked through the voluminous parish records and made good work. He registered it and made it readable for everyone. Before 1730 Kaulbach belonged to the parish of Wolfstein, after 1730 to the parish Rothselberg.

From here results that the father of Valentin Geddel was Johann Philipp Gödel. His father was Nickel or Nicklauss "from Kaulbach". His mother was Anna Barbara "from Kaulbach". Johann Philipp was born 17th of March 1709. He had 4 other siblings, for the oldest one's: *26th of October 1692, *19th of May 1697 (interesting here is the spelling of the surname "Geddel") and for the one born on 28th of September 1698 was no first name listed. His brother Hans Nickel was born on 21st of February 1700.

The marriage of Johann Philip Göddel (writing in the marriage register) with Anna Apolonia Scheid was on the 13th of August 1726. (Here or in the birth register could be a mistake. In this case he was only 17 when he married!?)