Old church of Fahlenwerder - List of surnames from old church documents

A composition from the copy of the Inherit Transfer Document from 1774. This document was reached so late because there was a controversy about rights for putting out to pasture the livestock for some years. The colonists got their farms but they had to pay taxes for it. Usually they paid in natural produces. Despite of free years for paying taxes the first years had been very hard for the colonists. They suffered by wars, crop failures and cattle diseases. On the other side they were free for military duties. The most of them came from the Palatinate with the treck in 1747. Almost from the area around Wolfstein and Kaulbach. Some of them went on to other places of settlement. Probabely some others followed later. Johann Adam and Valentin probably also came in 1747 but they don' t appear in the transport lists of the trek from the Palatinate to Prussia. That time they had been only 17 and 13 years old. Valentin appears in a church marriage document in 1749. So he married with an age of 19. Surnames with origin from the Palatinate (Göttel, Hahn, Schmidt, Kollmann etc.) could be proved in Fahlenwerder still before WW II.

Namen der jetzigen Besitzer

der Anno 1747 zu Fahlenwerder

unter dem Amte Cartzig

angesetzten 67 Colonisten Etablisements

Cüstrin den 24. Mai 1774

Königlich Preuss Neumärkische

Kriegs und Domainen Kammer

Johan Gettel XXX

Valt Gettel


Names of the current owners

which were settled on in 1747 in Fahlenwerder

under the department of Cartzig (Karzig)

into their 67 colonist establishments

Cüstrin 24th of Mai 1774

Royal Prussian Neumärkische

chamber of war and domains

Johan Gettel XXX (XXX means that he wasn't able to write)

Valt (Valentin) Gettel