How to be a volunteer at the Empathy Tent.

Best way to keep up with the latest news, updates, planning, etc.

We hold weekly meetings. Wednesdays 7 pm PST on Zoom video Conferencing
Join us to see how you might become involved.
Zoom Meeting Room URL: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339
Click on the link to enter the Zoom video conferencing room.
The first time you use Zoom you may need to install a small app. 

4. Copy the following , fill out and email it to EdwinRutsch@gmail.com 

Your Name:

I would like to be involved by:

( ) Volunteering to help out

( ) Offering listening or mediation for others

( ) Participating in a Left-Right Empathy Circle
( ) online or ( ) in person

( ) Requesting deep listening for myself (we’re here to listen)

( ) Requesting an empathy:
( ) talk, ( ) movie, ( ) workshop, ( ) training,
for our organization, name:

( ) Requesting: ( ) Conflict mediation ( ) Mediation training

( ) Donating financial support

( ) Starting an Empathy Tent in my town.

( ) Offering my creative ideas which are:

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