We mediate any sort of conflict, here are a few of the Left-Right Empathy Circle mediations we facilitated.

We mediated 6 pairs of dialogs between the left and right. Each ended with hugs between the participants and an agreement to hold a follow up Empathy Circle online. 

See a basic Empathy Circle dialogue with organizers of these 
right wing San Francisco political and left wing counter rallies.

YouTube Video

(RightAmber Cummings and
Sample of Empathy Circle with Amber Cummings (right) and a Leftist
"I wanna give a shout out to the Empathy tent guys. Great group and really enjoyed my chat tonight. I really do like this idea and the people who run it. Great people and great idea...  Again Edwin, I want you to know I love this empathy tent Idea. I see much progress being made through a program like this that was a genius idea" Amber Cummings

(RightSabo - Street Artist and (Left) Communist Labor Organizer

Joey Gibson and Rob Webber 

YouTube Video

Empathy Circle with James Damore: Fired Google Engineer, 'Google Memo' Author

We hold a Empathy Dialogue Circle with James Damore, the Fired Google Senior Software Engineer and author of the 'Google Memo'. In his Memo, James had called for de-empathizing empathy. In this dialog we Empathize Empathy.

For this discussion, we use the Empathy Circle, a structured process for inclusive, effective and constructive dialogue that allows everyone to be heard to their satisfaction:


James Damore
Edwin Rutsch 
Indi Young