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2017-09-24(+27): UCB Free Empathy

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UC Berkeley - Free Speech Week 
"The Empathy Tent will be there to offer listening, facilitated dialog, empathy and mediation.
Sept 24-27  FreeSpeechweek.com
"Berkeley free speech week will be a peaceful event with speakers and surprises at different locations on campus throughout each day. Berkeley free speech week is open to all political ideologies, with speakers representing conservatives, libertarians, and even liberals."

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer,
 a group that has attracted alt-right fans, had also promised to be in town for “Free Speech Week,” as did anti-fascist demonstrators.

Wednesday 20

Dave and Edwin set up the Empathy Tent today. The student led 'decal' class on empathy came by and we introduced them to empathic listening and how to take part in an empathy circle.

Looks like Milo's Free Speech site posted it to their page. It's had several thousand views.  http://j.mp/2wIqsCw

Sat 23: 

SEP 23:  No Hate in the Bay: March Against White Supremacy (Facebook)
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No Hate in the Bay: March Against White Supremacy! starting at 63rd St & Adeline in Berkeley, CA begins at noon on Saturday, September 23rd
Join fellow community members to let fascists, the alt-right and all white supremacists know that they are not are not welcome in the Bay Area. 

Saturday, Sept. 23, 12:30pm, on Treasure Island 
Milo’s “Eve of the Battle” Press Conference, to be livestreamed on Facebook & YouTube https://m.youtube.com/user/yiannopoulosmhttps://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos

Sun 24

Milo Yiannopoulos’ 15 minutes in Berkeley cost university $800,000
UC officials call it ‘most expensive photo opp’ in university’s history
“I think he’s here to provoke the left, and the left takes the bait,” said Dave Gottfried, who was manning an “empathy tent” nearby and hoping to convince people with different views to hear each other out."

Milo Yiannopoulos’ brief visit was ‘most expensive photo op’ in Cal history
By Kimberly Veklerov 
"Just off campus, a group of volunteers set up folding chairs in an “empathy tent,” offering attendees a calm alternative to a potentially volatile confrontation later in the day."

Milo Yiannopoulos’ brief visit was ‘most expensive photo op’ in Cal history
By Kimberly Veklerov, Lizzie Johnson, Nanette Asimov, and Jill Tucker
"Just off campus, a group of volunteers set up folding chairs in an “empathy tent,” offering attendees a calm alternative to a potentially volatile confrontation later in the day."

Sunday, Sept. 24, 12pm, at Sproul Plaza
“FREE SPEECH MARCH with MILO... Bring signs in support of free speech. We need your help. Let’s send the progressive left into retreat.”

SUNDAY 9/24: SAVIO STEPS 12:00PM-12:55PM,
Speech by Miss Elaine

SUNDAY 9/24: SAVIO STEPS @ 5:00-6:45PM,
Speeches by Lucian Wintrich, Lisa DePasquale and Chadwick Moore

SEP24 March for Free Speech 
Berkeley Patriot

"The March for Free Speech through UC Berkeley with with Milo Yiannopoulos, Pamela Geller, Michael Cernovich, and more speakers will take place this Sunday at 12pm. We are dissapointed the University forced a cancellation of FSW through bureaucratic measures and threats. We, the Berkeley Patriot, are not intimidated. We will continue to fight for what we believe in. We will not give up. If you would like to hear Milo and take a stand for Free Speech, "now is the time.

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"This event is a pre event I am throwing to Free Speech week in Berkeley. As many of you know I am totally against the supression of Free Speech and I loathe communism. I am coming back to Berkeley again and my event is a Anti Marxism event."

Mon 25

3. MONDAY 9/25: SAVIO STEPS @ 12:00PM-12:55PM,
Speech by Heather MacDonald

4. MONDAY 9/25: SAVIO STEPS @ 5:00-7PM,
Speeches by Monica Crowley and SABO

5. MONDAY 9/25: Anna Head Hall @ 7:30-9:30 PM,
Speakers Jordan Peterson and James Damore.

Monday, September 25th, 12pm - 1pm
Crescent Lawn, Oxford St. and Addison St., Berkeley, CA
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In solidarity with the faculty-led call to boycott campus business as usual during so-called "Free Speech Week," join us for a rally  

Tue 26

6. TUESDAY 9/26: LOWER SPROUL PLAZA @ 12:00pm-12:55pm,

Speech by Michael Malice


Speech by Katie Hopkins. Interviewer Milo Yiannopoulos, interview subjects Erik Prince, Pamela Geller and David Horowitz.


Wed 27

Empathy  'decal' class 
Just would like to announce that the Empathy  'decal' class is going to be at the tent next Wednesday 5-7pm on Sproul.

Because of some apprehension about what will actually be happening on Sproul that day, we are not obliging the students to go. Rather, they can choose to do an off-campus activity with Marco (a facilitator) or go to the Empathy Tent on Sproul with me (Alissa, the other facilitator). 

Would love to see you there! I am also sharing it on my Facebook and trying to get more people I know involved.  Alissa

8. WEDNESDAY 9/27: SAVIO STEPS @ 12:00PM - 12:55PM,
Speech by Mike Cernovich

9. WEDNESDAY 9/27: SAVIO STEPS @ 5:00-6:55PM
Speeches by Ariana Rowlands and Stellion Onufrei


Student Organizers Cancel ‘Free Speech Week’ Events at UC Berkeley
By Ana Tintocalis and John Sepulvado
SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 "Organizers of the controversial “Free Speech Week” on the UC Berkeley campus tell KQED that the event has been canceled."

Campus update on ‘Free Speech Week’
The UC Berkeley Office of Communications and Public Affairs sent this message to the campus community today:

Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter may come to UC Berkeley next week after all
"The roster for the upcoming “Free Speech Week” at UC Berkeley seems to change by the minute, but the latest iteration, released Wednesday by Cal, includes the possibility of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and pundit Ann Coulter."

Joey Gibson Announces Rallies in Bay Area; ‘America First’ in Laguna Beach
"Joey Gibson, the founder of the “Patriot Prayer” group, announced over Facebook Sunday that his group plans to hold marches in Berkeley and San Francisco next week."

te on logistics for “Free Speech Week”

By Public Affairs, UC Berkeley
SEPT 16, 2017

Student sponsors haven’t fulfilled any of the basic event requirements, the university says

More Schedules

The schedule (confirmed speakers in bold):

  • Sunday, Sept. 24, noon to 1 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speaker Miss Elaine
  • Sunday, Sept. 24, 5-6:45 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speakers Lisa De Pasquale, Lucian Wintrich and Chadwick Moore
  • Monday, Sept. 25, noon to 1 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speaker Ariana Rowlands
  • Monday, Sept. 25, 5-7 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speakers SABO and Monica Crowley
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26, noon to 1 p.m., Lower Sproul Plaza, speaker Ryan Girdusky
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26, 5-7 p.m., Lower Sproul Plaza, speakers David Horowitz and Pamela Geller
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27, noon to 1 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speakers Stelion Onufrei, SARGOH and Mike Cernovich
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27, 5-7 p.m., Savio Steps, Upper Sproul Plaza, speakers Milo Yiannopoulos, Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter and Alex Marlow