PhD Program
School of Engineering, University of Minho

last update: 11.1.2012



26th January 2012, 17:00 - 20:00 hr
, Thursday
MIT Room
School of Engineering, Azurém Campus, Guimarães

Innovation course is a “transversal” course available to students from all PhD Programs offered by School of Engineering of University of Minho. In this course we discuss technology and engineering, innovation, economic growth, competition and entrepreneurship, based on discussion of cases and learning from the field, exploring the experiences of success and failure by entrepreneurs, innovative companies and people.

This is the forth seminar organized by this Innovation course. This year we invited two portuguese professionals who have worked during years in foreign countries and with demanding multinational corporations, where competition drive change and innovation.

English is Innovation course language, considering our international students enrolled in the course. Presentations and discussions will be in english language.This workshop is organized jointly with C&T Companies and Technologies course, for EDAM MIT Portugal PhD Program (LTI) students, who will follow the event by video conference.

Some information about previous Innovation Workshops is available here and here.

Unfortunately, Dr. José Vale will not be able to attend this workshop, because he needed to leave sooner than expected to Mozambique, where he will lead the new investment in Moatize coal mines, by the Rio Tinto corporation - one of the largest investment going on Africa. We expect to have the opportunity to have him later in one Innovation workshop. Our apologies for the inconvenience. The remaining program will continue as announced. EB.


17:00 Opening
Eduardo Beira (U. Minho)

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"My years with ... Toyota MotorSport"
Antonio Araújo
A. Araújo worked for Toyota Formula One operations during almost ten years, before returning to Portugal and joining the EDAM MIT Portugal Program through University of Porto (FEUP).

My comment: Engineers: innovation versus discovery, "papers" and "things" (eBeiraLOG, in portuguese)
Eduardo Beira

18:10 Coffee break

18:30 "My years with ... GM" CANCELLED
José Vale
J. Vale begun his carreer in Ponto de Sôr, INLAN plant. During next twenty years he worked
worldwide for top management positions in GM companies, managing change from the Human Resources area. Two years ago he has retired. He was a member of the Board of GM Europe.

19:45 Closing and wrap-up

Eduardo Beira