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Oral collection (2010/11): interviews


26th November 2010, 10:00 - 13:00 hr
, Friday
CCG auditorium, School of Engineering, Azurem Campus, Guimarães

Innovation course is a “transversal” course available to students from all PhD Programs offered by School of Engineering. In this course we discuss technology and engineering, innovation, economic growth, competition and entrepreneurship, based on discussion of cases and learning from the field, exploring the experiences of success and failure by entrepreneurs, innovative companies and people.

This is the third seminar organized by this Innovation course. Some of the companies “discovered” by last year students will make presentations, updating and complementing their experiences.

Original interviews have been previously conducted by 2009/10 students, and transcripts are available below. These (and others) interviews are contributions to an oral collection under construction.

English is Innovation course language, considering our international students enrolled in the course. Presentations and discussions will be in english language.

Some information about previous Innovation Workshops is available here:


10:00 Opening
Paulo Pereira (Dean, School of Engineering)

10:05 Documenting and exploring innovation in action: interviews program and oral collection
Eduardo Beira (EDAM Professor, MIT Portugal;
Innovation course faculty). PDF

Micropolis: microencapsulation and hydrogel technology
Isabel Cardoso
(Interview: Carla Pereira e Fernando Ribeiro. Read PDF )

“Textil Penedo; innovation and competition in “traditional” sectors”
Agostinho Afonso
(Interview: Sandra Ventura, Joaquim Peixoto, Ivan Medeiros, Angela Ferreira. Read PDF )

11:15 Coffee break

“Starting up in the building materials sector: ET3, energetic modular technology”
José Pequeno (from 2010 Shangai Expo, by videoconference)
(Interview: Helder Sousa, Catarina Custódio, Silvia Pedrosa e Sofia Caridade. Read PDF )

“”Papiro, archive and digitalization of documents: logistics and innovation”
Omar Coelho
(Interview: Paulo Trigueiros, Carlos Portela, Pedro Moreira, Silvia Ferreira. Read PDF )

12:30 Discussion time

13:00 Closing
Rosa Vasconcelos (PhD Programs Coordinator, vice Dean, School of Engineering)

Full collection of photos here.

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