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The FINAL Nov 15 Update :

Fr. Luis Saldanha (Class of '63)  Celebrates his Golden Jubilee of his Priesthood 

Ivan Araujo: The 11th talk in his 'Magic of Meaning' Series/Playlist: "The Sportsman's Prayer"

Looking for the Next President, DRGS Alumni (Toronto)

✝Dr. Lawrence Mascarenhas, RIP ✝ 

✝Francis Nazareth, RIP ✝

.Class of 68 Video: Just a note of thanks to.....by Tessa Antao

Photos Added to Various Slideshows:

2023 Reunion Photos submitted by Mitelia Paul     ( 2023 Reunion Page)

Class of 56

Class of 61

Class of 62           New link to missing Class of 62 Page

Class of 65

Class of 67

Class of 70

The Creative Side of DRGS Alumni & their Spouses

Nairobi, 1959:  By (the other) Mervyn Desouza (Class of 66)

Hilary Performs: The Last Farewell             Hilary's Playlist (Includes 5 new tunes)

A Chip of the Old Block By Merwin D'Souza,  AKA Andrew George

A Few Words from One of our Shepherds, Fr Tony Fernandes

The FINAL DRGS website update scheduled for Nov 15, 2023 

Prayers Requested for the safe return of Fr Tony (Class of 64)

✝Myra D'Souza, RIP ✝ 

Class of 63 Photo Archive: Updated

Peter Pacheco, RIP ✝  

The Sept 2023 Toronto Reunion: The Photos and more !!  

Henry Jeorge De Souza, RIP ✝ 

✝Angela Fernandes nee Mascarenhas, RIP ✝ 

✝Martha Joanes, RIP ✝     

✝Candida Shantz nee Joanes, RIP✝ 

Class of 70 Photo Archive: Updated

Cyprian Fernandes' Goan Sports icons from E. Africa: Hilary Fernandes: Wizard of Hockey       More

July 15, 2023 Update :

Reflections on my trip to Goa (May/June 2023) By Lambert Pereira

Class of '68 Reunion in Tuscany June 2023 By Eva Fonseca

The Lunatic Express by Simon Estelita

Thoughts on Artistic Expression By Olavio Antao

The Creative Side of DRGS Alumni and/or Their Spouses (Slideshow)

Class of 64 UK Pub Meet, May 2023 (Photos)

Class of 70 Photo Additions

Hilary Fernandes' Music Playlist Updated with 4 tunes (Playlist Link)      The Additions to the Playlist  

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A painstaking  task, still have many more links to change (2014 and prior).   Please report broken/dead links whenever you encounter them !

✝Walter Gomes✝ 

✝Sr. Tryphonia Joanes✝   (deceased 20th July 2022,  tribute page added)

Mrs Laura Estelita Tribute page updated

✝Agnelo Costa-Bir, RIP ✝

✝Celsa De Souza, RIP ✝  

Goan Scientist, Donald Pinto,Leaves Mark in Pharma World - Part 1 & 2

My Covid Quarantine Hobbies by by Olavio Antao MD, FACP  

Ivan Araujo: The 10th talk in his 'Magic of Meaning' Series/Playlist: "Our TWO worlds" 

Class of 70: Paul & Xavier Drive by Dr Ribeiro Parklands School  (Nairobi May 15, 2023)  

Recently Submitted Photo: Class of '59: Who broke Clive's hand?  The Usual Suspects !  

✝Francis Fernandes, RIP ✝   

✝Rosalia da Costa, née Ribeiro, RIP. (Last survivor of our school's Ribeiro family and one of the first students to attend the school)✝ 

The forgotten legacy of the Goan community in Kenya

March 19, 2023 Update:

March 19, 2023 DRGS Alumni & Staff In Memoriam Video

Class of 59 Mini Reunion in London (2018)  By Bel Remedios


My recent visit with Teacher Silvano Fernandes By Bernadette Godinho

Hilary Fernandes' Music Playlist Updated with 5 tunes (Playlist Link)         

Recently submitted Photos ( and also giving you an opportunity to view the older photos in the album):

Class of 56

Class of 59

Class of 61

Irenio's (Class of 64 & deceased)awards

Class of 70     

✝John Barreto, RIP ✝ 

✝Estrocio Coutinho, RIP ✝ 

Caji DeSouza FCA awarded Highest Honour for Exceptional Career and Service by CA ANZ

Delfine Da Costa is the next President of theToronto DRGS Alumni Association  

✝Joseph Melville Nazareth, RIP ✝      (Updated Feb 26, 2023) 

✝Filomena Lourenco De Sa, RIP ✝      (Updated Jan 29, 2023) 

✝Irineu D'Costa, RIP ✝      (Updated Jan 26, 2023)

Ivan Araujo: 9th talk in his 'Magic of Meaning' Series/Playlist: The "Cookie Thief"    

✝Nelson Dias, RIP ✝      (Updated Feb 9, 2023) 

✝Felix Nazareth, RIP ✝      (Updated Jan 9, 2023)

✝Boni Pinto, RIP ✝      (Updated Feb 18, 2023)  

✝Francis Gracias, RIP ✝      (Updated Dec 28, 2022)

The Dec 2022 Update:   

DRGS Alumni Christmas Video Greeting 2022 - best viewed full screen and the sound turned up

New addition to our DRGS Christmas Playlist: Happy Birthday Jezu, A New Konkani Christmas Carol by Nifa Alphonso  

Doctor is Leaving: A 2017 film about Dr. Shiraz Rabady (Class of '59) by Martin Nguyen 

An Ode to Christmas by Lambert de Lourdes Pereira   

Joan DoRosario Omnibus: A Collection of Articles by Joan

Reflections on Retirement and Aging by Olavio Antao MD, FACP

Class of 68 News by Eva Fonseca

Book Review : Braz Menezes' Soul Searching in the Seychelles by JoanDo Rosario

✝Hilary Carrasco, RIP ✝      (Updated Dec 2, 2022)

Lambert de Lourdes Pereira::  An Ode to Rishi Sunak 

Soul Searching In The Seychelles by Braz Menezes.  Pre-orders available via Amazon (delivery: Nov 2, 2022)

Going Juu:  A Tale of Three Cultures by Dr. Rose D'Sa  (Free book available/shipping: extra;  see link for details)

Lambert de Lourdes Pereira: A Tribute to The Late Queen Elizabeth II

Video: Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao, first Goan Archbishop elevated to Cardinal in 465 years.     Photos    Wikipedia

TOI: UK home secretary Suella Braverman's family is spread across Delhi, Goa, Cyprus

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Family Practice – Reflections and Reminiscences by A.J. de Mello, M.D. Emeritus Status ( Class of ’57)

Ivan Araujo:  8th talk in his 'Magic of Meaning' Series: Memories...Hope...Love    Complete playlist can be accessed below, click here 

Remembrance Mass for deceased Students and Staff, London , July 10, 2022 

Couple of DRGS Brass Band photos c 1966 recently received. (Thanks Francis Rodrigues & Xavier Ferns)

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