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New book: Here Vultures Fly by Rudy Rodrigues  Updated July 22, 2017
+Ophelia Nazareth, Class of 62, RIP+
  Updated July 6, 2017
2017 DRGS Reunion (Toronto) Note: Updated Information
  Updated June 29, 2017
Goanet-Femnet: The Bewildering Path of Faith, Unravelled (by Joan do Rosario,Class of 64) Updated June 9, 2017
Tecla Kilby nee D'Souza (Class of 67), RIP
  Updated June 3, 2017
Class of 55 Photos submitted by Casimiro Joanes
 (click or press the right arrow key to advance slideshow) Updated May 18, 2017
Albert Fernandes Memorial: Kenya Water Project
 Updated April 10, 2017     RTC Alumni Network Appeal    Updated July 22, 2017
+Alu Mendonca, RIP+   Updated March 10, 2017
+Former Teacher, Ophilda DeSouza nee Baptista, RIP+  Updated March 14, 2017
+Joe Fernandes (Class of 55), RIP+
   Updated Feb 26,2017
Malkit Singh Hockey & Sports Legends Gala Event by Norman Da Costa
 Updated Jan 5, 2017
+Priscilla (Precy) Pinto Nee Coutinho, RIP+
  Updated Jan 2, 2017
Yesterday in Paradise, a debut novel by Cyprian Fernandes
  Updated Dec 8, 2016
Video (49 mins) of Braz Menezes' Nov 23 'Beyond the Cape' book review
   Book Info   Updated Dec 8, 2016
The Asian contribution to Kenya’s politics and economic development
(Source: Kenya Star)
  Updated Nov 1, 2016
Cerebral Palsy Day set to be marked on October 5th at Dr. Ribeiro Primary, Parklands Updated Oct 5, 2016
+Sophia Lobo, RIP+
  Updated Oct 3, 2016
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