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     Don DuPay, with Bill Dant, and his pal Steve Charlton, both fans of “Behind the Badge in River City: A Portland Police Memoir.” January, 2019. 

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    * Education: Portland State University.
    * Graduate: Oldest of 2017 & mentioned in the program. 
    * Degrees: Bachelor, Arts and Letters, Minor in English.
    * Author: Indie Publishing, Oregon Greystone Press.
    * Contributing Writer: with
    * Former Writer: Oregon City Enterprise Courier.
    * Former Editorial Writer: Tigard Times Newspaper.
    * Former Editorial Writer: Street Roots Newspaper.
    * Former Writer: Official Detective Magazine.

2019, Review and Purchase Information: Read the new August 5, 2019 Portland Tribune Newspaper review of my second book Frank's Revenge: Albina After Dark, Oregon Greystone Press, here at this active link. It was included in the Portland Tribune's Summertime Reading List and written by Michaela Bancud. Thank you to the Portland Tribune for this great review of Frank's Revenge! 

2015, Purchase Information: If you would like to purchase Behind the Badge in River City: A Portland Police Memoir, you can click on the above link and buy a new or used copy. It sells on Amazon and also Barnes and Noble and can be ordered anywhere books are sold. 

I knew Don - the author and I worked for the same enforcement agency - and he sure tells it like it was. 

    Robert A. Peschka~ Retired Lieutenant Detective, Portland Police Bureau

Don DuPay takes his reader to a Portland few of us would recognize in his fascinating and gritty Behind the Badge in River City: A Portland Police Memoir. Its the ultimate ride along: you follow him to the darkest reaches of the city where vice is nice and truth has consequences. Strap yourself in, its going to be a bumpy ride!

    Kathy Smith~ Portland Broadcast Journalist and Anchorwoman with KGW and KATU

As you turn the pages of Behind the Badge in River City, you can almost smell the stale cigarettes and bourbon breath in the police precinct, as you read chapter after chapter of Don DuPay's firsthand experiences on the force. DuPay draws us deep into what would otherwise be a beautiful picture of 1970s Portland and forces us to see the dirty corners and the skeleton-filled closets. Just like a good friend, to truly know a city you must also accept its flaws. Reading this book and getting to see behind the curtain of how we policed our town is an opportunity you shouldn't pass up. 

    Sean Davis~ Author of The Wax Bullet War,  and Wildland Firefighting in Oregon: A History, available in early 2019. 

Behind the Badge in River City; A Portland Police Memoir, is a fascinating first-hand account of the Portland Police Department during the gritty 60's & 70's. DuPay's compassionate and insightful book paints compelling--and sometimes disturbing-- portraits of a cop, a police department and a city. 
  Brian Lindstrom~ Renowned Portland Film-maker, director, and producer of
Alien Boy; The Life and Death of James Chasse, and the documentary film Mothering Inside about women, children and the price of incarceration to families. 

DuPay is currently a published author, husband and Grandfather and a retired activist formerly involved in the Medical Marijuana movement. He has had numerous articles and editorials published in local media outlets and continues to write, submit his writing and be published. In 2019, DuPay will publish his suspense novella, Frank's Revenge After Midnight, a fictional piece set in Portland's Albina neighborhood during the violent and tumultuous 1970s in Portland. 

While employed with PPB, DuPay worked the burglary and vice units, along with the Safe Detail. The Safe Detail was a high prestige department. DuPay was handpicked by Detective Lieutenant Myron Warren to join the Safe Detail and was the youngest detective to be included. The safe detail dissolved during the early 1970's when safe crime's became virtually obsolete due to 24 hour convenience stores becoming popular. In the middle 1970's DuPay worked in the homicide detail for almost two years. During this time he also worked as an instructor for the PPB police academy, teaching young recruits the finer points of burglary investigation and search and seizure law. 

DuPay lives in Portland with his wife Theresa Griffin Kennedy, also a published author. Theresa co-authored Murder and Scandal in Prohibition Portland: Sex, Vice and Misdeeds in Mayor Baker's Reign and wrote and published Blue Reverie in Smoke, a book of poetry through Oregon Greystone Press. Kennedy is an editor, proof reader, creative writing coach and adequate painter of abstract art, mixed media. 

Kennedy, as chief editor of Indie Publishing company, Oregon Greystone Press has recently published her first book of fiction under the newly recognized genre of Domestic Noir, a book entitled Burnside Field Lizard and Selected Stories

Oregon Greystone Press will be publishing four new books in 2021, Talionic Night in Portland, and a book of narrative personal essays, entitled We Learned to Live in that Castle; Stories, both written by Theresa Griffin Kennedy, along with DuPay's debut novel Frank's Revenge After Midnight. A poetry book will be published as well, Broken Bottle Beautiful: Poetry and Prose, by poet and writer Bethany Umbarger.  It is going to be a busy and productive year for Oregon Greystone Press!


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