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"Building Ham Radio"

Who we are:
The Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) Thursday Night Group consists of DARA members who meet to discuss in depth technical topics including amateur radio repeaters, electronic projects, electronic experimentation, electronic education & training, and other amateur radio topics. The Dayton Amateur Radio Association is an association of radio amateurs, organised for the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communications and experimentation, for the establishment of networks to provide communication in the event of disasters or other emergencies, and for the advancement of the radio art and of the public welfare DARA is an incorporated association chartered under the laws of the state of Ohio, and is an exempt organization under the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Its affairs are governed by a Board of Directors, whose voting members are elected every year by the general membership.

DARA is the sponsor of the Dayton Hamvention® and earns its operating revenue from this event. The funds are used for scholarships, education, disasters and public service events, the 10 monthly editions of the award winning "RF Carrier" newsletter, upkeep of the various repeaters and membership activities.

What we do:
  • Training and education - Electronics and Radio Frequency Topics, Antennas, Instruments, Weather Spotting, Emergency Support, Radio Equipment Operation.
  • Homebrew Equipment - Kit building, antennas, repeaters.
  • Test Equipment and Electronic Instrument Training - Acquire, instruct, and use electronic test instruments in the classroom and for kit building.
  • Digital Communication - VHF/UHF Packet, HF Digital Modes, D-Star, Echolink, IRLP, HamNet.
  • Amateur radio microcomputer applications - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone Black, ODroid-X2, TI, PIC, SDR-RTL.
  • Amateur Radio Software - Winlink2000, HF-ALE, FLDigi, G8BPQ, Ham Radio Deluxe, D-Rats, Linux, Google Docs
  • Amateur radio licensing - Assist non-hams acquire FCC amateur radio license.
  • New Licensee Mentoring - Help new ham radio licensees get started operating radios.
  • Emergency communications support to local officials during emergencies after their communications have failed.
  • Provide county-wide weather spotting for the amateur radio community.
  • Meet to enjoy each others company and stories - On Thursdays as announced. 

When we do it:
DARA Thursday Night Group Meeting: Thursdays, when notified by e-mail announcement, starting at 7:00 P.M.

Where we do it:
The DARA Building 6619 Bellefontaine Road Huber Heights, OH 45424

Why we do it:
"Because We Can"  Radio Amateurs enjoy communicating with other amateurs both locally and all over the world; promoting international good will. Many have made friends for life through ham radio contacts. Radio amateurs enjoy constructing their radio station from store bought equipment and/or homebrew equipment sometimes advancing the "state of the radio art." 

How we do it:
DARA Thursday Night Group members give a presentation and/or demonstration on interesting topics and potential projects to attending members. Members recommend candidate projects to the group. The "Technical Section" of this website is also provided as a potential source of project ideas. An informal vote is taken by members in order to decide which project to build. During project construction, members can opt to build, assist, monitor activity, or all of the above. Collaboration and team spirit is fostered. A great sense of accomplishment is gained as well. 

DARA amateur radio operators are licensed by the FCC. Each license upgrade allows the use of expanded radio frequencies. Potential ham operators must pass an exam showing they understand basic radio communication concepts and regulations before obtaining their license. Each operator can have a home "base" station as well as mobile and handheld radio stations. According to regulations, amateur radio operators can support community officials after a declared emergency when community owned radio systems fail to operate.

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