SOLON ROMERO, Pablo. Bolivian UN Ambassador: Cancun climate inaction deal means ecocide and genocide

Pablo Solón Romero is currently the Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to the United Nations. He is the son of the famous Bolivian muralist Walter Solón Romero Gonzáles (see: ).

Pablo Solón Romero, the Bolivian representative at the December 2010 Cancun Climate Conference was blunt in his assessment of the final “deal”*: "We're talking about a [combined] reduction in emissions of 13-16%, and what this means is an increase of more than 4C. Responsibly, we cannot go along with this - this would mean we went along with a situation that my president [Evo Morales] has termed “ecocide and genocide”.” [1].  

The BBC has summarized the Cancun Climate Deal as “Things achieved: fund to channel money from the West to developing nations; formal recognition that current emissions pledges need to rise;  framework on paying countries not to cut down their forests and Things not achieved: deeper emissions cuts; mechanisms for negotiating deeper emission cuts; deciding on the legal status of any new global agreement.” [1].

[1].  “ UN Climate Change talks in Cancun agree a deal”, BBC, 11  December 2010: ).