BRING CLIMATE CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE (BCCJ). Climate Genocide Criminal Prosecutions Bill

Bring Climate Criminals to Justice (BCCJ) is a UK organization that exists “To establish a legal process in the UK and abroad to facilitate the criminal prosecution of Government Ministers and key business leaders whose policies and activities contribute to the mass loss of life which Climate Change is certain to now cause”. BCCJ acts in relation to Bangladesh “Working with Bangladeshi political and environmental groups to seek the introduction of legislation to prosecute foreign nationals who have contributed to the Climate Change process that will result in the mass murder of Bangladeshi nationals“ and also engages with UK environmental campaigns, “Working to ensure UK environmental campaign groups re-focus campaigning, uniting to call for the criminal prosecution and imprisonment of the worst offenders. “(see: ).


Bring Climate Criminals to Justice (BCCJ)  on Climate Genocide Criminal Prosecutions Bill: “We seek the introduction of a Bill to Parliament that will facilitate the retrospective prosecution of key Climate Criminals. These are Government Ministers and others who, through their policies and activities, have made significant contribution to the mass loss of life.The Bill will permit the prosecution for the deaths that have occurred and those that will be caused in the future. The Bill will permit the introduction of unprecedented penalties which are proportionate to the scale of the crime (Penalties: Upon prosecution and conviction.) The current and next administrations will not support such legislation but we want Government Ministers and key business players to know that retrospective legislation will be introduced in the future. As public opinion hardens and campaigners demand justice, new politicians will be elected who will deliver legislation that will tackle those who are guilty of the most bestial of all crimes against humanity. We are hopeful that prompt action in Bangladesh to introduce such legislation will encourage other nations to follow suit.” [1].


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