MORALES, Evo. Climate change inaction threatens African Holocaust, ecolocide, climate genocide

Evo Morales (born October 26, 1959) is the leader of leader of the Bolivian  political party called the Movement for Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo, with the Spanish  acronym MAS, meaning "more") and has been  the socialist President of Bolivia since 2005. He was the first fully indigenous Bolivian head of sate in the 470 years since Spanish conquest  (see: ).

Evo Morales on climate crimes against Humanity, prosecution of climate criminal countries before the International Criminal Court, disappearance of Island nations and the climate holocaust threatening Africa (Copenhagen, December 2009): "Our objective is to save humanity and not just half of humanity. We are here to save mother earth. Our objective is to reduce climate change to [under] 1C. [above this] many islands will disappear and Africa will suffer a holocaust... he real cause of climate change is the capitalist system. If we want to save the earth then we must end that economic model. Capitalism wants to address climate change with carbon markets. We denounce those markets and the countries which [promote them]. It's time to stop making money from the disgrace that they have perpetrated.” [1].

Evo Morales commenting on the day before the conclusion of the December 2010 Cancun Climate Conference ((he has argued for cuts of up to 50 per cent in global carbon emissions by 2020, more than any other leader): “We need limited industrial development, rational development, not industries to kill like we have now, but rather industries to save lives… It [failure to act] is leaving the world without ecology. I called it ecolocide, which will lead to genocide… It's important to create an international court of climate justice. Industries, social movements, governments and international organisations who do not meet the norms that are established must be sanctioned…The most important thing is that the proposals of the people of the world are being debated, the rights of mother earth are being debated… What's never been in a debate before is how to live in harmony with Mother Earth - that's the debate.” [2].

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